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Enterprise Wireless Access Points: Improve Office Efficiency

2022.11.08 / By hqt

Why Is The Enterprise Wireless Access Points Important To Your Businesses?

Enterprise wireless access points (APs) are the backbone of any enterprise wireless network. They are responsible for connecting the wired and wireless networks, as well as providing access to the Internet. They also work as a bridge between physical and logical networks and provide security measures to protect your business’ data.

The enterprise wireless access points are the most important component of the network. It provides connectivity to all other devices in the network.

The enterprise wireless access points are primarily used for improving the efficiency of business operations, increasing productivity, and cutting down on costs. They are also used for improving customer satisfaction by providing quick service and ensuring that all transactions happen smoothly.

The following are some of the ways you can use enterprise wireless access points to improve productivity:

Reduce Costs:

You can reduce costs by using enterprise wireless access points because they provide high-speed data transfer which enables faster processing of transactions. This reduces waiting time thus saving costs incurred due to delays in processing transactions.

Improve Security:

A wireless network has much less security than a wired one, but this can be improved by using enterprise-grade access points. Enterprise-grade hardware is designed with higher levels of encryption than consumer-grade hardware, making it more difficult for hackers to gain access to your data.

Eliminate Dead Spots:

A traditional wired network may leave certain areas without an adequate connection if it does not reach them because of obstructions such as thick walls or floors.Can be placed anywhere to ensure that every office has a strong signal at all times.

How Many Wireless Access Points Does Your Business Need?

The number of access points you need depends on the size of your office and how many people are there at any given time. If you have a single wireless access point, it will be unable to cover the entire area of your business, which means it will have to be placed in a central location that is easily accessible by all employees.

Here’s a brief description of how many they need, using enterprises with different office sizes as examples:

  • For a small office with less than 100 employees, you will need one enterprise wireless access point per floor. If your business has two floors, then you would need two enterprise wireless access points. The reason for this is that each building has its network and they must be separate from each other.
  • For medium-sized businesses with over 100 employees, you should consider installing at least three enterprise wireless access points in different rooms or areas of your office. This will allow for better coverage and give more flexibility to your network.
  • For large businesses with over 500 employees, it’s best to have a minimum of five installed throughout the entire building so that there are no dead spots where employees might not be able to connect to the internet or have trouble using their mobile devices.

However, according to the performance of different APs, the required number is also different. For example, Sailsky’s BL290X Dual-Band Wireless WiFi Access Point has an effective signal coverage distance of 200 meters. At the same time, it can support up to 128 users. Some believe that placing an access point every 800 square feet can make a business’s network more efficient. At the end of the day, if your enterprise wireless access points are powerful enough, you can save a lot of unnecessary costs!

Enterprise APs Bring Wireless Capabilities To Wired Networks:

Enterprise wireless access points are specialized wireless devices that provide wireless connectivity to wired networks. They’re often used in businesses, schools, and other organizations to bring wireless capabilities to wired networks.

The main difference between enterprise APs and consumer-grade Wi-Fi routers is power — enterprise APs are designed to support heavy usage in a business environment. While they can be expensive, enterprise APs offer many advantages over consumer-grade Wi-Fi routers:

Increased Range:

Enterprise APs have a much longer range than consumer-grade routers, which means they can cover more of your property with wireless signals. This is especially important if your office is large or spread out over multiple floors in an office building.

Higher Performance:

Enterprise APs generally have faster throughput than consumer-grade Wi-Fi routers because they use more powerful circuitry and antennas. This makes them ideal for busy networks where many people are trying to connect at once.

How To Get Your Enterprise Wireless Access Points Working?

Enterprise wireless access points are an important part of your office’s IT infrastructure. They provide security and connectivity for your employees, and they can also help your business grow by improving productivity.

But if you’re not careful with your, they can become a source of frustration for everyone involved. That’s why it’s important to know how to get them working properly before you bring them into the office.

Here are some tips for getting your enterprise wireless access points up and running quickly:

Choose the right location for your access point

If possible, place your APs near windows or outside walls so that they don’t block light or airflow in your office space. If you can’t find a good spot near an exterior wall or window, try placing it somewhere where it won’t be blocked by furniture or other objects.

Test the connection before you deploy it in the office:

Test the connection by connecting a laptop or tablet to the access point and making sure that all of the devices can connect properly. If users have trouble connecting, there might be an issue with the network itself. Try changing the settings on your router or modem to see if that helps.

Understand how many users will be connected:

If you have a large office space where dozens of people are working at once, then you’ll need more than one WAP for efficient connectivity in every part of your building.

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