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Why Is My Wifi So Slow? How To Fix Slow Wifi?

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We know how frustrating it is when wifi is painfully slow. The network falls down right when you’re trying to watch a show, movie, download a game, or have a friendly chat with your loved ones.

Since we are all so occupied with our day-to-day activities, there is no room in our schedules for frivolous pursuits. There shouldn’t be any pauses for buffering as you watch the film. Fast internet is a need for those who work from home or want to avoid communication delays with loved ones while conversing online. As a result, when your wifi unexpectedly slows down, you may become frustrated and concerned about finding a speedy solution.

To get you back online quickly, we’ll go over every potential cause of your wifi’s slowness and the easiest way to remedy it.

There are two possible explanations for the slowness of your wifi connection.

  • Wireless speeds are limited because of inadequate network capacity.
  • As a result of a wifi device’s poor response, wifi speeds are low.

When discussing the initial cause, we must first address the issues with the networks. The wifi gadget is receiving internet service from an ISP (internet service provider). There are two methods in which an ISP can supply you with an online connection:

If you’re getting your internet using an ethernet cable, your internet service provider is probably based out of the same building as your cable modem. At this point, your wifi gadget is rapidly switching the wired network to the wireless network and sending data.

The wireless network provider and manager is the Internet service provider (ISP) for a wireless client. A wireless customer premise equipment (CPE) used in the great outdoors is the perfect illustration of this type of device.

Now we’ll discuss the second possible cause: an issue within the wifi equipment itself is preventing it from responding normally. This indicates that the ISP’s coverage and bandwidth are satisfactory, but that the WiFi device is failing to correctly transfer data for one of the reasons listed below.

  • There are too many users sharing a single wifi modem.
  • Your location, behind a wall, prevents WiFi signals from reaching you.
  • Because the WiFi router is tucked into a tight nook, the signal strength is reduced.
  • Almost all of the available bandwidth is being sucked up by one connected device.

Data transmission from WiFi devices is flawed due to software issues.

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Why Is My Wifi So Slow All Of A Sudden?

A network issue from the ISP or a device in a software conflict can cause the internet speed of the wifi to drop suddenly.

To find out why your connection is so sluggish, it’s a good idea to use a dedicated internet speed test.

How To Fix Slow WiFi?

Here are the simplest, most expedient techniques to speed up your WiFi connection. Slow wifi might be an issue whether you’re trying to use it at home or at the office. It’s time to address the painfully slow internet connection.

Step #1 

It’s important to rule out potential causes of the slow Wi-Fi connection, such as the computer, laptop, cell phone, or tablet you’re using.

As an iPhone and the quick-fix approach example

How to Fix Slow WiFi On My iPhone? 

First, try disengaging your device from the wifi router to see if it improves the connection speed. To do this, turn off wifi on your iPhone, and then reconnect to the same wifi network. Issue resolved; do this.

If the issue doesn’t fix let’s try step 2

Step #2

Here, you’ll turn off your WiFi router for a minimum of five minutes. You should then clean the WiFi router’s antenna and all of its ports before restarting it. Your wifi router will be functional again after this.

Because of technical constraints

This is because a router recognizes a new IP address and a functional network connection after being restarted, allowing it to reconnect with an ISP. By doing so, the software running on a router may free itself from the weight of delivering network data, which had slowed it down. This allows the router to communicate fresh data quickly and efficiently, with the ideal wi-fi signal strength, once again.

A whopping Interesting fact: 80% of the users say restarting a wifi router has fixed their problem.

The third option is to try fixing the problem by itself if the second option is not your case.

If this issue doesn’t fix let’s try step 3

Step #3

You may need to contact your Internet service provider (ISP) to get the problem fixed on their end. For the simple reason that they will update the network settings and repair the coverage and capacity so that you have a reliable connection.


Among many available WiFi router devices, the combination of Internet plan and the router should always be stable. If you feel like your wifi internet speed is slow then you should follow 3 instant steps to fix it!

The Step #1: Reconnect your device with the WiFi Router

Step #2: Restart your wifi router and clean the ports

Step #3: Contact the internet service provider to tell them the issues you are facing!

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