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What is 4g router with sim card slot?

2022.04.14 / By hqt

What is a sim router?

How do 4g router with sim card slot work? Simple: through the SIM card, on which you have an active data traffic plan, the router connects to the 4G, LTE or 5G networks and launches the Wi-Fi signal to which you can connect with your computer, tablet, phone or TV, in short, with any device that has wireless.

4g lte modem with sim card slot

The function is almost identical to the phone hotspot, which you may have already used. Here, however, the connection is more stable, faster and you have no problems with battery, phone proximity and the like.

What is a fixed router?

This is a huge dilemma and the choice is not that easy. Obviously, each of the two devices has its advantages. A fixed router, in fact, has a better reception and distribution of the signal that allows it, quietly, to get the 4g router with sim card slot to you throughout the house or almost. This device, however, requires a 220-volt power outlet and is quite bulky with its antennas.

The mobile router, on the other hand, often called a bar of soap, is very compact, light and portable. Usually it is enough to connect it to the USB of the pc, from where it also takes the current to work.

 In principle, if you do not intend to use your router only at home and almost never move it, the fixed one is better, while if you move often and you need internet on the go, and better a bar of soap.

Beware of cunning and misleading descriptions

Looking at most e-commerce, when one searches for the keyword “5G router” in reality, many models come out that have a misleading title and only make you believe that they are 5G, but in reality they are at most 4G +.

How can this be allowed?

In reality this is not a real scam, because their 5G refers to the frequency of the 4g router with sim card slot network. Older routers only transmit a signal at 2.4GHz, while newer ones can do so at 5.

From here the crafty ones often insert titles such as 2.4G / 5G Router or 5G Wi-Fi, but don’t be fooled, because they refer only to the signal they emit and go and read the technical specifications well, looking for the item.

Why a router and not the landline at home or in the office?

The first reason is, of course, because it is not always possible to install ADSL, or optical fiber. Although there are more and more operators, there are cases in which neither Fast web nor telecom can set up a fixed 4g router with sim card slot at home. But that’s not the only reason.

ADSL binds with annual contracts and getting out of them is always a problem. Those who travel those who are renting or have, perhaps, accommodation for the weekend and holidays, to have internet in both places would have to pay two different subscriptions. If you add the activation fees, the bills get pretty high.

Best 4g router with sim card slot 5G Operator

Once the 4g router with sim card slot has been taken, the question remains with which SIM it is best to use it.

Not all mobile operators on the market today support 5G: can allow you a maximum 4g router with sim card slot connection which is fast, but not enough to take full advantage of the devices we have seen.

4g lte modem with sim card slot 2022

Better a 5G router with sim or 4G LTE?

Unfortunately, 5G routers are currently too expensive and, barring special needs for a super-fast network, 4g router with sim card slot are still the best choice. They cost a lot less and you still get a fast connection for home use.

Precisely for these and many other reasons, routers are truly the ideal solution, as they allow you to have a fast and stable connection, in the area there is good coverage of the SIM operator you use.

How fast is the 5G connection?

4g router with sim card slot compatible with this network it is currently possible to reach a download speed of 1.8 Gbps. Please note that this peak is calculated under optimal conditions.

The great advantage is that of portability and being able to use it practically anywhere, even on the train or camping, but on the other hand it still has connectivity, especially with regard to Wi-Fi, which is much less powerful.

Where to buy best wifi devices in China in 2022?

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