Wireless Access Point

The wireless access point can provide you an excellent and stable WiFi network experience for application scenarios like seamless HD movies, streaming, online gaming, wireless security, and other bandwidth-intensive tasks, widely be used in schools, hospitals, hotels, offices, shopping malls, etc.

Wireless Access Point

Outdoor WiFi CPE

The Economic&Affordable Outdoor Wireless CPE supports Router, Universal Repeater, WISP, AP and Repeater Mode, The most cost-effective equipment for PTP(Point to Point), PTMP(Point to Multiple Points) application and outdoor long range WIFI coverage and transmission. It's widely used in CCTV camera surveillance, monitoring, Village, Park, Square as well as outdoor project long-range data transmit&WiFi coverage deployment, etc.

Outdoor WiFi CPE

AC Controller/Gateway

The wireless gateway is a device that allows a computer and other Internet-enabled machines to access a shared wireless Internet connection, and is usually seen as a way of coordinating things like modems, routers, and sometimes even cable television or voice applications into one more simplified component.

AC Controller/Gateway

4G Router

The 4g router provides you an excellent and stable WiFi network experience for Application Scenarios like Home/Hotel/School/Office/Restaurant/Apartment/Dormitory/KTV/Bar/Shopping Mall/Airport etc. It's your superior choice for seamless HD streaming, online gaming and other bandwidth-intensive tasks. Enjoy fast, reliable WiFi connections for gaming and streaming in the best quality.

4G Router

Mesh WiFi System

With the cutting-edge WiFi6 technology to achieve a wiring-free, self-organizing network that could bring fast connectivity to every corner of the home/office to eliminate dead zones and provide an uninterrupted fast and superior WiFi experience. The smart WiFi Mesh system is very convenient, easy to use and easy to set up. It's the priority and ideal WiFi coverage solution for apartments, offices,big houses and other indoor application scenarios.

5G wifi6 mesh
Mesh WiFi System

PoE Switch

PoE switch allows compatible devices to work in places where power outlets or network connections don't exist. It can be widely used in various places, from home to office, indoors to outdoors. It can transmit power and data for different devices at the same time. At home, you can use PoE-powered devices like TVs, computer monitors and laptops. In offices, you can use VoIP and video phones, IP cameras, wireless AP, audio devices and remote computer terminals, etc.

Poe Switch
PoE Switch

From the first-generation RTL SoC to the second-generation superior MTK SoC, then to the third-generation cutting-edge Qualcomm SoC platform

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  • High performance and ultra-fast 5G chips provide a stable as well as reliable network connectivity

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4G LTE CPE Wireless Router

Sailsky XM206 Cheap Outdoor 4G LTE CPE Wireless Router With Sim Card Slot – Designed For Outdoor Purpose

Sailsky XM220 4G Router Home CPE Indoor Wireless LTE Router Wifi

Sailsky XM220 4G Router Home CPE Indoor Wireless LTE Router Wifi With Sim Card

5G CPE Mesh WiFi Router

Sailsky XM510 Mesh WiFi Router with Unlocked Dual-band Gigabyte | 5G CPE Pro Wifi Rotuer

Sailsky XM550 Industrial 4G LTE Bonding Router With Dual Sim Card Slot

Sailsky XM550 Industrial 4G LTE Bonding Router With Dual Sim Card Slot

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AC Controller/Gateway Solution

AC: Integrated AC controller and routing functions are combined The gateway is a data processing center for broadband network applications. It can implement WLAN IP/ATM access. Its main function is to Identity authentication and management, data processing, etc., in the future, the data of different APs will be aggregated, and the use of security control,… Continue reading Solve the Weak Network Signal


4G LTE Router Solution

The 4G router is what we usually call 4G CPE, which converts 4G signals into WIFI signals by inserting a 4G SIM card, covering all directions and providing wireless terminals for use. Because there is no need for broadband access, you can insert a SIM card to go online, so it solves the problem of… Continue reading Solve the Weak Network Signal


Coal Mine Monitoring Data Transmission

Building communication base stations and connecting them has always been a problem that plagued the construction of smart mines. The current state of communication technology used in mine production: Aiming at the pain points of the coal mine communication industry, our company listed the industry’s first three-band FM self-organizing network base station: wiring-free, self-organizing network,… Continue reading Solve the Weak Network Signal


Maritime Safety Administration Long-distance Wireless Monitoring Case

A case of long-distance wireless monitoring of a maritime safety bureau, using Sotian high-power industrial-grade wireless bridge for long-distance communication, the transmission distance is 25KM, and the main transmission is 1080P network camera, wind speed data, monitoring channel, early warning, controllable PTZ, The product requires high bandwidth, ultra-stability, anti-salt spray, anti-corrosion and other maritime weather… Continue reading Solve the Weak Network Signal


Wireless Monitoring Case Along the Railway Station

The customer is in a railway station platform in the operating area, and there are multiple workers on the platform. During the operation, the real-time status of the operation needs to be transmitted to the monitoring center, and the two-way voice function is required. The working area of the platform staff is about 5 Km… Continue reading Solve the Weak Network Signal


Wireless MESH Solution Case

Our company’s approved products are based on the research and development of MESH+ distributed assembly technology, new traditional WiFi single-frequency assembly technology scheme, innovative use of multi-frequency The assembly technology mode realizes the intelligent assembly mode, with the technical characteristics of ‘minimalist configuration, no wiring, high-speed bandwidth, and connection of things. The product line It… Continue reading Solve the Weak Network Signal

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