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What is a 4G LTE WiFi Router? | The Ultimate Guide 2023

2022.01.06 / By hqt

The internet has become a crucial aspect of modern life. Everyone these days, from students to office professionals, needs constant access to the web. Nobody wants to be let down by a lazy online experience, no matter where they are. A wifi 4g router is gaining popularity for its speed and stability.

But, what exactly the best 4G lte router is? Why do you need a 4G LTE WiFi router? How does the 4g wireless router work? In this guide, we’ll address all these questions.

We’ll also look at best 4g router perks and capabilities. Moreover, we’ll also explain additional characteristics of this device.

About 4G LTE Router and 4G LTE modem

A wireless router is a device that converts wired internet into wireless internet to use internet. Whereas, wireless router is a device that converts wireless network into connectable wireless wifi internet.

So a 4G LTE wireless router that comes with a 4G sim card slot will be able to provide internet access using the mounted sim card and its subscribed data plan.

So how does it work? The wireless router will communicate with the nearest carrier’s cell tower to provide 4G internet access by emitting a strong and secure WiFi signal, that can be connected to multiple devices.

Why Do You Need a 4G LTE WIFI Router?

The necessity of the LTE router relies on your specific circumstances. In the past several decades, mobile networks with an internet have become a basic need. A 4G LTE router with a SIM card slot has become crucial, particularly in isolated areas or other locations where cellular data performance is superior to broadband fixed networks.

If you activate your mobile hotspot, its performance is likely to be subpar than a dedicated fixed wifi device. However, enabling a mobile hotspot drains the battery too quickly and also provides limited access.

A 4G LTE router is a best choice in these conditions:

  • Places with unreliable Wi-Fi or unstable wired internet.
  • When you need a 3G or 4G, 4G LTE connection for backing up fixed networks.
  • When you prefer internet access without any delay.
  • You don’t wish to hire a costly broadband provider for the internet.
  • When you want to remove the hassles of complicated cable networking.

Benefits and Features of 4G LTE WIFI Routers

The arrival of 4G technology has made mobile data the dominant internet connection provider. There are several advantages to using mobile data for sharing an internet connection with a 4G router that has a SIM card slot. Let’s run through some of the primary gains you’ll experience if you upgrade to a 4G LTE sim router:


With a 4G LTE modem with a SIM card slot, you simply need to use your micro SIM and turn on the router. There is no complicated setup involved. Therefore, you will enjoy stable and fast Wi-Fi on your 4G lte network.

Great Compatibility

Tested in the industry for many years, Sailsky 4G wireless routers are highly compatible with various internet service providers. Such routers are usually compatible in many countries. Therefore, the universal compatibility of a 4G LTE WIFI router with SIM card slot makes it a great choice for internet connectivity. They usually come with one or multiple external antennas for smooth connection.


When compared to older wireless routers, best 4g router don’t necessitate the use of landlines or a separate broadband plan. Many older models of routers without an option of sim card slot, thus require fiber, DSL, or network cables.

More Connection

With Gigabit Ethernet ports, LTE signals and external WiFi antennas, a 4G or 3G WiFi router can share 100Mbps+ internet connection easily with various wireless devices. These devices may include tablets, laptops, phones, etc.

4G Routers vs. DSL router

A DSL modem and 4G LTE router can both offer network connections. They will have similar functionality. However, there are a few differences. A 4G SIM card router requires no cable restrictions for the internet connection. It makes them widely popular and convenient in the market.

It utilizes SIM cards for sharing the internet connections. So you have the internet anywhere within the internet service provider’s service range.

On the other side, DSL modems or wired connections are routers having built-in modems. It requires telephone line(s) for providing internet connections. You will have to set cables and get a broadband service subscription from the provider to enjoy a reliable and stable network.

How much is 4G internet costs? It depends on your data plan. When using 4G routers, you will have to pay according to the cellular data plan usage. For a DSL connection, you will have to pay your broadband service fee.

How Does A Best 4G Router Work?

These days, a best 4G LTE WiFi router will often function as both a wireless router and a mobile network based router. In case that your broadband internet connection suddenly stops working, you may switch to the wireless mode and use one of the available 4G or 3G networks as a backup source of internet. On opposite, you may switch to the fixed network connected using a WAN port.

Setting Up 4G Wifi Routers

Setting up a 4G LTE router isn’t a big deal. It involves a few simple steps to get the internet going with these routers. First, you will have to install router antennas, positioning them upwards.

After that, you have to insert your SIM card into the router’s slot. Now, turn on the router by connecting it to the power source.

You can now establish a connection to the network of the router wirelessly. Or, you can also use an Ethernet cable for connection.

4G LTE WiFi Router

The Best Sailsky 4G Wi-Fi Routers in 2023

You can buy from a broad range of Sailsky 4G LTE routers intended for different use cases. Routers are available under three categories; 4G Indoor Router, 4G Mifi and Dongle, and 4G Outdoor Router. Let us walk you through the best Sailsky Wi-Fi routers in 2023.

1. Sailsky XM239

It is one of the top-selling items of the Sailsky with 1200Mbps speed. It is known for providing top-notch internet access with a powerful 5000mAh battery. The speed of 1200Mbps will never disappoint you.

It comes with the latest 28nm-chip technology that ensures a greater endurance level and longer standby time. This 4G LTE router is a perfect choice for online streaming, HD movies, and 3D games.

This router comes with one year warranty which is a big relief for the users. Let’s take a look at the key features of this router:

  • 1200Mbps internet access
  • Up to 100 Wi-Fi device connectivity
  • 2.4GHz band to reach 300Mbps
  • Multiple-frequency processing technology
  • 150 meters transmission range
  • WDS support
  • WPS support
  • RoHS, CE, and FCC certification

Sailsky XM239 is one of the best SIM card routers that you can buy for exceptional internet speed and reliability.

2. Sailsky XM286N 4G LTE Router – Indoor Router

Are you looking for a cost-effective indoor router with SIM card slot? If yes, then the Sailsky XM286N could be the right choice. It provides you with up to 30 meters of indoor coverage and up to 50 meters of coverage outdoors. However, the coverage or range depends on specific environments.

The MIMO technology behind this router is making it a popular choice in the market. Whether you are inside or outside your home, you can use the internet seamlessly up to 100 meters.

By using this router, you can enjoy the internet via LTE / HSPA / UMTS. It provides stability, transmission, and wide coverage at an affordable price. Here are the key features of this router:

  • MIMO technology for greater wireless transmission
  • 32 users can view the internet and 12 users can enjoy HD movies simultaneously
  • Router support for multiple SSIDs simultaneously, maximum 8 SSIDs
  • 2.4GHz frequency
  • IEEE802.11b/g/n Standard support
  • 100 meters transmission range

The 2.4GHz frequency of this 4G LTE router makes it a perfect choice for video and audio data transmission. Because of the 100 meters transmission range, it is a super reliable router to count on.

3. Sailsky 4G UFI Wireless Dongle XM-W410 – 4G Dongle

If you are looking for a highly reliable 4G USB Wi-Fi hotspot, you can trust XM-W410. You simply need to insert your SIM card into the device and it will start working. It is an ‘Unlocked’ Wi-Fi dongle that you can use with any carrier.

The best thing about this device is that it is extremely fast when it comes to downloading speed. It offers up to 150Mbps speed which is just exceptional. You can use the internet hotspot with a maximum of 10 Wi-Fi devices. These devices include iPhones, iPad, tablets, gaming consoles, smartphones, laptops, and more.

4G Dongle wifi router with sim card slot

Below are some of the most prominent features of this device:

  • 100Mbps wireless connection speed
  • Plug and play device (you simply need a power source)
  • Maximum 8 Wi-Fi devices for internet sharing
  • Up to 32 Gigabyte micro card support
  • 2.4GHz frequency
  • 150Mbps wireless data rate
  • Up to 10 users

4. Sailsky XM41 Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot – 4G LTE Router

The Sailsky XM41 is a compact portable wifi router and a lte modem equipped with a 3000mAh battery. It can reach a maximum 150Mbps speed to offer you a seamless internet experience. You can use this 4G LTE WIFI router to connect to different Wi-Fi devices, including notebooks, tablets, and personal computers, etc.

It is a perfect WiFi router for cars, travel, business trip, outdoors, apartments, mobile office, and for playing games.

Let’s have a look at the key features of XM41:

  • 150Mbps LTE speed
  • Up to 10 users’ connectivity
  • User-friendly interface
  • 3000mAh battery
  • 2.4GHz frequency
  • IEEE 802.11b/g/n Standard

The battery of this device provides up to 6 hours of working time. Even when multiple users are connected to the device, there will be no compromise on the speed. It also comes with a high-class display that allows the users to see data information.

5. Sailsky XM206 Wireless Router with SIM Slot

It is one of the best outdoor 4G WIfi routers currently available on the market. If you are looking for a remote access router for outdoors, you can trust this model. It is a reliable mobile SIM card router, so you can insert your network SIM into it to enjoy the internet. This router offers 4G/3G high internet speed.

The main frequency bands are 3G and 4G for most operators and countries. You can use this wireless router for providing internet to outdoor devices, such as cameras. It is the best 4G LTE router with a SIM card slot when you require reliable outdoor Wi-Fi hotspot coverage.

4g lte router

Here are the main features of the Sailsky XM206:

  • Meditek chipset that supports global network GSM/WCDMA/UMTS/FDD-LTE/TDD-LTE
  • 150Mbps LTE CAT4
  • High-gained internal antenna
  • Low-power consumption
  • IP65 waterproof
  • 2.4GHz frequency
  • Maximum 300Mbps LAN data rate

The XM206 4G LTE Wifi router comes with one year warranty. Moreover, it is RoHS, CE, and FCC certified. It is a highly affordable, yet extremely beneficial outdoor router that you can trust. It is an extremely dependable choice for HD streaming, video chats, web surfing, and video games.

5. Sailsky XM205 4G LTE Wifi Wireless Router With Sim Card Slot and External Antenna

It is the latest arrival in the inventory of Sailsky 4G indoor routers. The dominant RTL8192ER chipset of this router ensures fast and stable wireless internet for various application scenarios. Its fast speed makes it a perfect choice for bars, KTV, hotels, apartments, offices, schools, and homes, etc. If you are looking for highly affordable and fast Wi-Fi hotspot coverage, this model can be the right choice.

Here are some of the best features of the Sailsky XM205:

  • MIMO technology offers exceptional wireless coverage, performance, and stability
  • 32 users can surf the internet and 12 users can enjoy HDDD movies simultaneously
  • Multiple SSIDs router support simultaneously, maximum 8 SSIDs
  • 100 meters transmission range
  • 2.4GHz frequency
  • IEEE802.11b/g/n Standard

Top Considerations When Purchasing a 4G Router

We have discussed the best Sailsky routers above that you can choose from. The question is that how would you identify the most suitable model for your application? Remember that the selection of a 4G LTE router depends on various factors. Here are the top considerations when purchasing a new 4G router.

1. Use Case

It is the most critical factor to keep in mind when looking for a 4G router. How you plan to use your 4G router is an important question to be answered.

Do you need it for your retail store or outdoor use? Are you looking for a 4G router for your specialty vehicle? Or, do you need the router as the alternative internet access for your home?

2. Industrial Application for 4G Routers

If you want a 4G LTE wifi router in the industrial use case, like the branch office backup connectivity, then the router should have some advanced features. These features can be broadband bonding, app-centric optimizations, firewall, etc. Therefore, it is essential to weigh your options when you need a 4G router for a specific industrial application.

3. Will the Router Be the Failover or Primary Connectivity?

Knowing whether the 4G router you want to buy will serve as a backup or primary connection is crucial. The router will be the primary method of connecting to the internet if it is required to carry traffic continuously. If that’s the case, you should look for a dependable 4G router that supports multiple cellular connections.

Best 4G LTE Router

Now consider a failover-only situation. You need a 4G connection to ensure internet connectivity for a limited time. In this scenario, having a couple of connections could be the right choice. Therefore, it is another important consideration to keep in mind.

4. Traffic Profile

The traffic profile is another critical consideration when buying a new 4G router. For instance, you have IP traffic with higher SLA requisites, usually real-time apps like video conferencing, chatty apps, or VOIP, etc.

In that case, make sure that the router has application aware-flow management traits. These could be as radical as the “VOIP Armor”. Different flow types require different network characteristics. Therefore, it is essential to know the traffic profile before you invest in a new 4G router.

6. Do You Need Any Special Features?

Some 4G lte wifi routers or lte modem come with some special features like a firewall, DHCP server, layer-7 filters, advanced QoS, etc. Before you opt for any 4G router, you should match these special features with the requirements of your use case.

Buying a 4G lte wifi router without matching its special features with your application requirements could end up buying the wrong router.

Apart from the above considerations, you also need to ensure that you are investing in a high-quality 4G router. Never buy a cheap quality router just because it is available at an extremely low price. If you prefer cheap price over quality, it would result in premature failure or unstable performance of the 4G LTE routers.


Most businesses are using 4G LTE Wifi routers, and lte modem either as the main or backup internet access. These routers are available for different use case scenarios, such as indoor and outdoor use.

Therefore, when buying a new 4G router, it is essential that you choose according to the specific requirements of your application. You should look for a router or lte modem with multiple network support and one that fulfils your specific requirements.

Provide a stable network for the home office, allowing you to enjoy 5G speed.

Customize your own model now: sales@sailskywifi.com

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