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5G Router

5G Routers are the newest (Fifth Generation) wireless routers that are capable of providing 600Mbps to 1200Mbps internet speed. These wifi routers have excellent wifi range, and our powerful 5G wifi routers can connect 64 devices at the same time. You just need to put the 5G sim card in our 5G router with sim card slot to enjoy the mesmerizing speed, reliable connection, and smart auto network detection for the best experience!

5G wifi6 mesh

Sailsky Openwrt XM520 5G CPE Router, WiFi 6 CPE Router. Having 3100mbps dual band (2.4Ghz to 5Ghz) & WiFi-6 Smart Router System with sim card slot

5G CPE Mesh WiFi Router

Sailsky XM510 Mesh WiFi Router with Unlocked Dual-band Gigabyte | 5G CPE Pro Wifi Rotuer

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