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We are a professional and reputational manufacturer that highly specialized in producing reliable, robust, secure wireless network telecommunication equipment for many years. Our Product coverage 5G/4G LTE CPE Wireless Router, Mesh WiFi system, Wireless Access Point, Outdoor CPE Wireless Bridge, AC Controller&Gateway as well as PoE Switch. Our specially designed product comes with impressive and excellent features that are appreciated by our clients. We have already set up a long-term collaboration with lots of domestic and overseas ISP/WISP/Operators/Vendors/Distributors as well as won a high reputation worldwide.


Maritime Safety Administration Long-distance Wireless Monitoring Case

A case of long-distance wireless monitoring of a maritime safety bureau, using Sotian high-power industrial-grade wireless bridge for long-distance communication, the transmission distance is 25KM, and the main transmission is 1080P network camera, wind speed data, monitoring channel, early warning, controllable PTZ, The product requires high bandwidth, ultra-stability, anti-salt spray, anti-corrosion and other maritime weather… Continue reading City Wireless Solution


Coal Mine Monitoring Data Transmission

Building communication base stations and connecting them has always been a problem that plagued the construction of smart mines. The current state of communication technology used in mine production: Aiming at the pain points of the coal mine communication industry, our company listed the industry’s first three-band FM self-organizing network base station: wiring-free, self-organizing network,… Continue reading City Wireless Solution


Smart Street Lamp Solution Case

“Smart street light” refers to a distributed wireless telemetry, remote control, and remote control system composed of technologies such as computers, wireless communication data transmission, computer intelligent information processing, and energy-saving electrical appliances control to achieve a strong light intensity. Weak adjustment, light soft start, timing control, scene-setting, and other functions, and have the carrier… Continue reading City Wireless Solution


Wireless Access Point Solution

AP is an access point for using wireless devices (mobile devices such as phones and wireless devices such as laptops) to access the wired network. It is mainly used in broadband homes, buildings, campuses, hotels, shopping malls, parks, warehouses, and other places that require wireless coverage, with typical distances covering more than one hundred.


4G LTE Router Solution

The 4G router is what we usually call 4G CPE, which converts 4G signals into WIFI signals by inserting a 4G SIM card, covering all directions and providing wireless terminals for use. Because there is no need for broadband access, you can insert a SIM card to go online, so it solves the problem of… Continue reading City Wireless Solution


AC Controller/Gateway Solution

AC: Integrated AC controller and routing functions are combined The gateway is a data processing center for broadband network applications. It can implement WLAN IP/ATM access. Its main function is to Identity authentication and management, data processing, etc., in the future, the data of different APs will be aggregated, and the use of security control,… Continue reading City Wireless Solution


City Wireless Solution

Overview Wireless city refers to the use of multiple wireless access technologies to provide the entire city with wireless network access anytime, anywhere. Wireless City is an information application platform that integrates the Internet, mobile Internet and the Internet of Things. By aggregating a large amount of information content and applications, it can provide convenience… Continue reading City Wireless Solution


Wireless Bridge Solution Case

Outdoor wireless bridge/CPE refers to the bridging of wireless networks. It uses wireless transmission to build a communication bridge between two or more networks. The data bridge/CPE adopts the IP transmission mechanism, and the interface protocol is realized by the bridging principle, which has the characteristics of flexible networking and low cost. It is suitable… Continue reading City Wireless Solution


Wireless MESH Solution Case

Our company’s approved products are based on the research and development of MESH+ distributed assembly technology, new traditional WiFi single-frequency assembly technology scheme, innovative use of multi-frequency The assembly technology mode realizes the intelligent assembly mode, with the technical characteristics of ‘minimalist configuration, no wiring, high-speed bandwidth, and connection of things. The product line It… Continue reading City Wireless Solution


Wireless Monitoring Case Along the Railway Station

The customer is in a railway station platform in the operating area, and there are multiple workers on the platform. During the operation, the real-time status of the operation needs to be transmitted to the monitoring center, and the two-way voice function is required. The working area of the platform staff is about 5 Km… Continue reading City Wireless Solution

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