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Sailsky XM205 4G LTE Wifi Wireless Router

Sailsky XM205 4G LTE Wifi Wireless Router With Sim Card Slot and External Antenna

Model: XM205 4G Indoor Router 4G Router

XM205 new arrival 4G LTE wifi wireless router uses the powerful RTL8192ER chipset to provide a stable and fast wireless network for application scenarios like home/hotel/school/office/apartment/hotel/KTV/bar etc. It's your preferred and cost-effective choice for WiFi Hotspot coverage and wireless network deployment.

Key Features:

  • MIMO technology is used to provide better wireless transmission performance, stability, and wireless coverage.
  • Directly insert 4G SIM card, 4G signal is converted into WIFI signal, wireless terminal equipment such as mobile phone can be connected to the Internet.
  • Indoor 30 meters as far as, outdoor as far as 50 meters (owing to the different environment).
  • Up to 32 people can view the web, and 12 people can watch HD videos at the same time.
  • Router support can set multiple SSIDs at the same time, up to 8 SSIDs.
  • Direct card insertion, easy to use, easy to route, avoid messily.

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Product model XM205
WiFi chipset RTL8196ER
Memory RAM: 8Mb, FLASH: 64Mb
Transmission range 100 meters
Users Up to 32 users
  • 1×10/100M WAN RJ45 Port
  • 3×10/100M LAN RJ45 Port
Frequency 2.4GHz
  • 1xSIM/USIM card slot
  • 1xPower DC Jack
  • 1xReset button
  • 4xExternal antenna
Power supply 12V 1A DC
Frequency range
  • FDD-LTE:B1/B3/B5/B8/B20
  • TDD-LTE:B38/B39/B40/B41
  • WCDMA: B1/B5/B8

(Customized Band is available)

Standard Support IEEE802.11b/g/n


Sailsky XM205 4G LTE Wifi Wireless Router with Sim Card Slot and External Antenna

Get your hands over this most popular and reliable Sailsky XM205 4G LTE Wifi Wireless Router with Sim Card Slot and External Antenna. It has the capability to properly minimize the co-channel interference, expand the wireless transmission range, and eliminates dead zones.

Now you can enjoy an extremely stable network in your home as well as your office. If you are under a distance of 100 meters then you can access for enjoying 100% streaming, chatting, file transfers, video chat, email, and web surfing. Its speed is perfect for all those who are fond of multiplayer gaming. We assure you that you will have one of the best experiences ever.

At a time 32 users can access it and can enjoy streaming without any signal interruption. Let’s head towards its physical interface it contains 1xSIM/USIM card slot, 1xPower DC Jack, 1xReset button, and 4xExternal antenna.

Frequency Range:

Not only that but its frequency range FDD-LTE: B1/B3/B5/B8/B20, TDD-LTE: B38/B39/B40/B41, WCDMA: B1/B5/B8 is also amazing.

We assure you that you are not going to regret it because each and every factor is up to the mark. When it comes to usage then it is extremely easier to utilize, no software configuration is required. Simply insert the card and start routing. It is not only beneficial for home and offices but if you run a restaurant, café, bar, or hotel and your user limit at a time is almost 30 then you can confidently take advantage from it.

Last thing that we want to add on is its appearance, YES, Sailsky XM205 4G LTE Wifi Wireless Router with Sim Card Slot and External Antenna looks gorgeous because premium quality material has been use in its manufacturing. Especially the external antenna plays an important role in proper transmission.

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