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Sailsky XM550 Industrial 4G LTE Bonding Router With Dual Sim Card Slot

Sailsky XM550 Industrial 4G LTE Bonding Router With Dual Sim Card Slot

Model: XM550 4G Router Industrial Router

XM550 is an IoT dual SIM card industrial 4G LTE router. It provides a super-fast, excellent and reliable network by using 4G (TDD- LTE/FDD-LTE), 3G (WCDMA/HSUPA/HSPA+, EV-DO) and other broadband networks.

Key Features:

  • Equipped with a high-quality communication module. Excellent, automated embedded Linux system with OpenWRT.
  • Adapt to all types of unattended industrial applications, with powerful intelligent anti-drop mechanisms, wireless communication is always online.
  • Support Hardware and Software WDT and multi-link detection make it self-recovery from unexpected failure and guarantee the reliable communication.
  • Directly insert 4G SIM card, 4G signal is converted into WIFI signal to meet the needs of various industrial terminals for wireless networks.
  • Wired to WIFI. Plug in the network cable, you can directly convert the signal into a WIFI signal for use by mobile devices and other terminal devices.

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Product model XM550
Chipset QCA9531
Frequency 2.4GHz
Memory 128MB RAM/128MB Flash
Supports WDS No
Supports WPS No
Frequency band
  • FDD-LTE:B1/B3/B5/B8
  • TDD-LTE:B38/B39/B40/B41
  • WCDMA: B1/B5/B8 (Default 4G Frequency Band)




  • FDD-LTE: B1/3/5/7/8/20/28/32
  • TDD-LTE: B38/B40/B41
    WCDMA: B1/B5/B8 (EMEA&APAC Region Version)


(Customized 4G Frequency Band is Available)

Physical interface
  • 4×10/100M LAN+1×10/100M WAN RJ45 Port
  • 1x Power DC Jack
  • 1xReset Button
  • 4xExternal Antenna
  • 1xRS232/485 serial port
Wireless speed Up to 300Mbps
Power supply DC12V/1.5A
Wireless standards IEEE802.11b/g/n
Warranty 12 months
Certification FCC, CE, RoHS

Sailsky XM550 Industrial 4G LTE Bonding Router with Dual Sim Card Slot

An industrial 4G LTE bonding router is a type of networking device that combines multiple 4G LTE internet connections to create a single, high-speed network. This can be useful for businesses or organizations that need reliable, high-speed internet connectivity, but may not have access to traditional wired broadband options.

The router uses a technology called “bonding” to combine the bandwidth of multiple 4G LTE connections, allowing for faster speeds and more reliable connectivity. In addition to its 4G LTE capabilities, an industrial 4G LTE bonding router may also support other types of wireless and wired connectivity, such as WiFi and Ethernet.

Advantages of using Wireless Industrial 4G LTE Bonding Router:

  • Sailsky XM550 Industrial 4G LTE Bonding Router comes with dual sim card slot technology to provide maximum speed established on each sim card. This feature is very unique to consume data on dual sim and provide extended bandwidth, speed, and reliable network connection.
  • Another thing that makes this router distinctive from other routers available in the market is its 2.4 GHz frequency.
  • The physical interference of the XM550 Industrial 4G LTE Bonding Router is quite user-friendly. It contains 4×10/100M LAN+1×10/100M WAN RJ45 Port, 1x Power DC Jack, 1xReset Button, 4 x External Antenna, and 1 x RS232/485 serial port.
  • It is extremely efficient and quick to use.

New Features:

The data speed of 4G LTE bonding wireless router is rated 300+ MBPS thanks to 4G LTE dual sim card technology. This device’s most appreciable thing is that it comes up with guaranteed reliable communication. Why? Because it has the capability to support Hardware and Software WDT. In case of any failure Multi-link, the detection feature will do the self-recovery.


From portable wifi routers to Industrial/commercial bonding wifi routers, Sailsky offers 1 year replacement warranty of the product in case of any issue regarding hardware or software. 

Its worth your money because of high-end features and available in relatively lower price.

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