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Which is the best 4g wifi router for you in 2021?

2021.11.24 / By hqt

4g WIFI router information

If you usually travel long distances and your cell phone’s 3G or 4G connection isn’t enough to continue your activities, we have a suggestion. The idea is to invest in equipment that provides 4g WIFI router in your car.

After all, leaving home and keeping one or more mobile devices connected, receiving a faster and more stable internet signal is only possible to even with Wi-Fi in the car.

Another advantage of this acquisition is not worrying about the end of the contracted franchise, as in wireless internet, in which data packages for smartphones may end sooner than expected if they are not well managed.

4g wifi router more convenience and an extra benefit

And if you work with public transport or with Uber, you will ensure more convenience and an extra benefit for your passengers by offering 4g wifi router in your car for free.  

Therefore, we are going to explain how Wi-Fi in the car is purchased and configured, bringing greater convenience to you and to those who use your vehicle. Regardless of the reason, whether private or professional, take advantage of technology and enjoy this possibility.

Contents of the 4g wifi router article

  • Why choose Wi-Fi in the car?
  • What is the ideal equipment?
  • 4G modem
  • Portable WiFi Router
  • How to put WiFi in the car?
  • Tips for sharing Wi-Fi in your car
  • Why choose Wi-Fi in the car?

As most users have Internet access on their cell phone, the question that arises is why invest in 4g wifi router in the car, since it is possible to use the cell phone itself as a router.

However, wireless communication technology in Brazil is still advancing slowly, and it is common to experience instability in the signal and loss of speed, unlike what happens when connecting to a residential or business internet.

What is the ideal 4g wifi router?

By doing extensive research, it is even possible to find homemade ways to improvise Wi-Fi access in the car. However, let’s consider what is available for sale in the market and has been the most talked about so far: the 3G modem and the portable Wi-Fi router.

4G modem

When you hear about a modem, the likely memory you have is that internet device at home.

In fact, the modem is a direct receiver of the contracted Internet. It sends network data to a device that acts as a base.

The traditional version is that device that is connected to the cable of the paid internet plan.

The goal is 4g wifi router more simple

The 4g wifi router model is found at mobile operator stores such as Vivo, TIM, Oi and Claro. Most devices are cut like a pen drive, designed to plug into the notebook’s USB port and ensure a connection with mobility.

A chip is kept inside the 3G or 4G modem, which is integrated with the device’s data, in the same way, we use SIM cards in cell phones.

The goal is for Internet users to be able to browse the Internet more simply, with a portable device.

Unlike older modems, it is currently possible to find a modem that shares the signal with other devices, as the modem is also a router and can share the signal with up to 10 devices.

Portable 4g WIFI router

The only difference between the classic 4g wifi router model for the 3G or 4G version is that, instead of connecting with cables, the connection is made through chips purchased directly from operators that offer internet services.

As such, the 3G/4G wireless router allows you to connect multiple devices at once to the same network, just like traditional Wi-Fi routers.

There are portable WIFI routers with battery or cable and all of them receive a chip from the chosen operator’s plan. Regardless of the model, the function is the same: to capture the internet signal and distribute it among the devices that access it, through the network name and password


How to put WIFI in the car?

First, you need a USB port to use the 3G modem in the car. It could be the USB port of the radio or the cigarette lighter, for example. You can use two outputs: one to turn on the modem and the other to charge the cell phone.

For those who don’t have a USB port in the car, an adapter that fits into the socket will solve the problem.

The 4g wifi router is common while the battery lasts. So, it’s good to make sure it’s loaded well before you leave.

Tips for sharing Wi-Fi in your car

If you share the internet and don’t want third parties to spend all your mobile data while riding in your car, you can make a specific configuration. In this way, you only have access to the applications you would like, that is, those considered lighter, such as social networks. Downloading a video, for example, can further consume your franchise data.

This tip is especially valid for you who work as a public transport provider. Another suggestion is to choose a name for the 4g wifi router in the car that is easy, even obvious when searching.

For the password, the idea is the same make it easy. It is not enough to provide free internet if the user cannot access it quickly.  So be critical if you want to share while saving your data plan. This way, you guarantee that the number of gigabytes contracted lasts the entire month.


Another advantage of having 4g wifi router in the car can be the act of empathy. If you will receive a foreigner in your car, you can provide them with an international call from your own vehicle, using connected applications, thanks to your investment in the internet. It is a great incentive for those who do not have a permanent home and need to venture across the country.

Provide a stable network for the home office, allowing you to enjoy 5G speed.

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