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What is a 5G SIM Card Router With External Antenna For Home?

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Understanding A 5g Sim Card Router With An External Antenna And Its Working. Does It Really Worth?

In this article we will discuss the benefits, and potential pitfalls for using a 5G SIM Card Router With External Antenna for Home. Just like a 4G router that can convert wired internet to a wireless internet, or catch 4G signals wirelessly and provide wifi coverage. A 5G router has the same operation models and features.

Apart from the fact that the coverage of 5G networks is less popular than 4G networks, the people are converting to 5G faster than anything else. The fifth generation internet has incredible bandwidth, connectivity, speed and high performance being a standalone wireless wifi device. So the answer is yes! 5g sim card router with an external antenna really worth!

5g Sim Card Router with outdoor dual band external antenna

Why Is 2022 The Best Time To Upgrade From 4g To 5g Sim Card Router?

The fact that Covid-19 has affected 75% of the world and forced people to live indoors. The business was moved to a work-from-home approach, with the internet serving as the primary component at the time. The 4G wifi routers were poorly efficient to offer full bandwidth.

Many consumers upgraded their internet service providers for a better internet. The fixed line or fixed broadband are still popular but are costly to install and maintain.

From that time the 5G internet was one of the coolest options available after it was launched. The network providers upgraded their internet to 5G while still keeping 4G active to allow consumers take dual advantage. Since 2022 the 5G has become very popular and can be observed in most of the countries and their cities as a basic internet option if you have 5G SIM Card Router.

Why choose a 5G Wifi Router with Sim Card Slot?

When you consider using a 5G wifi sim router you get the quickest installation, and easiest way to have a 5g wireless internet connected. A 5G wifi router is a device that catches the 5G network within its coverage and converts them into wireless fastest internet. It can allows more than 400 consumers to connect at a same time! Whereas the 4G wifi routers could hardly connect up to 64 devices as an average. 

Should I have to buy a sim as well?

Yes! If you are planning to go for a 5G SIM Card Router then you need a data-plan active sim card. Just like a common sim for your mobile phone, you have to purchase a 5G sim for a 5G wifi router. Then you will have to subscribe to the desired data-package to connect to the internet.

What Bandwidth Do The Home Based 5G Router Support?

The bandwidth, speed and latency depends on many factors. Here is the simplest method you can consider how fast a home 5G Wi-Fi internet can be:

Most Commonly:

The 5G network can provide speeds of 150-300 Mbps at home, office or anywhere. Which means around 100-500 Megabits-per-second (Mbps) at average data rate, and package. 

Specialized Purpose:

The specialized 5G internet can give you more than 300 Mbps reaching upto 1000 Mbps. But generally you won’t have that much speed in your city with ordinary coverage.

This type of internet setup requires wifi boosters, signal boosters and also a special purpose 5G modem or routers to give 20 Gigabits-per-second (Gbps) peak data rates, also a strong device to work as much faster and utilize this much of speed!

In a nutshell:

If we try to break it down helping you understand with an everyday example, you can understand real quick. Using 5G you can download a 3Gb movie within 4 seconds at home. While a 4G internet will take 3-4 minutes to download the same movie.

Choosing An External Antenna With A 5g Router With Sim Card Slot

External antenna connectors are usually mounted to the outside of your property as crucial part of cellular routers. To further impede last-mile connectivity, many mobile hotspots lack external antenna connections.

It is possible to replace traditional home internet with a high-speed 5G mobile network connection. With the advent of 5G home broadband, there is no longer any need to settle for subpar speeds or unacceptable latency if you are within network coverage range.

However, there may be interference with a mobile broadband option. Home broadband speed can be negatively impacted by factors such as signal strength (if you live far from a mast/5G tower) and interference (from both other signals and physical obstacles, such as buildings, which is especially a stumbling block with 5G).

To get over these blockages, 5G networks use several smaller signal relays as opposed to one huge transmitter. However, signal disruptions will still occur, particularly at the outset of the 5G revolution, when the necessary infrastructure is still present.

When an indoor 5G home broadband package’s connection is weak, an outdoor external antenna may be the best option for improving data speeds and reliability.

The external antenna will be installed outside of your home facing the maximum signals and coverage from a 5G tower. Then the 5G SIM Card Router will be connected with an external antenna to get a powerful coverage no matter where you keep the router inside your home.

Types of 5G External Antenna Explained

Generally there are two types of external antenna that can be mounted to strengthen network coverage. These are:

  • Directional Antenna
  • Omni-directional antenna

Directional Antenna for 5G Wireless Home Router

As the term is pretty self-explanatory a directional antenna is mounted facing a 5G tower or booster where the signals are generated. The best idea is to place it outside of the residence aiming towards the source and are typically installed by Wi-Fi experts.

A 5g wireless router device comes with two ports that can connect either single or dual band wifi external antenna. There are many bands that you consider choosing when you are in the UK and USA. Most popular are from Huawei and Sailsky WIFI that supports all the broadband frequencies tested in the USA, and UK for 5G internet coverage.

Omni-directional Antenna for 5G Wireless Home Router

The omni-directional external antenna for 5G wireless home router has ability to receive a bi-directional signals in all directions. Particularly works best in rural areas having inaccessible 5G signals being far from the coverage tower. For this instant an Omni-Directional external antenna can catch any possible network coverage from all the directions. Simply plug-in and play.

The omni-directional antenna should be placed at a height, with no obstacle or hurdle at front to have maximum coverage intensity.

5G External Antenna Mounted Near The Window


A 5G wireless router with a sim card slot is the easiest way to access the fast internet connection without needing experts to install it. You can simply buy a 5G data sim, insert it in the 5G router with sim cars slot and you can enjoy 150-300Mbps speed.
However, if there’s a hurdle or obstacle in receiving the full-strenght of network coverage you can connect a single band or dual band external antenna with your router to get the maximum coverage all the time.

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Provide a stable network for the home office, allowing you to enjoy 5G speed.

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