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Always Clean Sim Card of Wifi Router for Best Performance

2023.02.06 / By hqt

The need to clean the sim card of the wifi router increases when your wifi router cannot detect the sim, you get the message “SIM card unavailable,” or it provides an unstable internet connection.

The first thing you could do to fix the problem is to gently clean the sim card by following the steps described in this article.

Identify if the sim card is fixed correctly.

First, power off your wifi router and check the sim card slot. Make sure the sim slot is fixed correctly and is not loose. Generally, the wifi router’s sim card slot may be seen at the back or bottom of the router.

If you notice the sim slot is loose or looks like moving in its place, before you remove and mount it again. Always clean your sim card to get better internet speed and connection.

Refer to the wifi device manual if you have issues removing the sim slot.

Understanding Why SIM Card cleaning is necessary:

What causes the sim card to become dirty?

The sim card might have oxidation, dirt, or debris on its golden contact. It may look dark brown or blackish due to the dirt stuck on the golden contacts. It may result in resistance between the sim card and the device or even loss of connection.

How does an unclean sim card affect internet speed?

When the sim card is unclean, the router faces difficulties in transferring and receiving the data through a sim card. The dirt, debris, or oil over the golden connectors of a sim card breaks the electrical current and data transmission. Causing slower and unreliable internet.

How to clean the sim card slot?

To clean the sim card slot gently and perfectly, follow these steps:

  1. Use a soft cloth and a brush to clean the surface of the sim card.
  2.  Use a pencil rubber to clean the golden contacts by rubbing them gently. It will remove any intense strain or sticky dirt.
  3.  Finally, spray alcohol or perfume on the golden contacts of the sim card to clean oxidation, rusty debris, or strain, and clean it using a soft cloth.

Now because you have cleaned the sim card and it’s golden contacts time to insert the cleaned sim into the wifi router.

  1. Gently place the cleaned sim card on the sim card slot, or push the sim card into the sim card slot
  2.  Press again to check if it is fixed properly
  3.  Turn on your wifi router, and wait for the router to provide internet access.
  4.  Check the speed of the internet using online internet speed testing programs.
  5.  Enjoy high-speed internet with a stable connection.
Clean your 4g router sim card


SIM card wifi routers works wirelessly as the hotspot to provide internet using the sim card. If the sim card is dirty and the golden contacts have oxidation, you will experience a slower internet connection with an unstable internet connection. At that moment, you will first need to clean your sim card to restore the full performance of the sim card wifi router.

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