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Ten Features of POE Switch 4 Port That Make Everyone Love It

2022.02.20 / By hqt

What is PoE? What is PoE Switch? Why Use?

If before, when using a network device such as Camera, WIFI router, IP phone, it is necessary to pull 2 ​​lines in parallel. Includes 1 power line to power the device and 1 network line to supply internet to the device. This is both time-consuming and unsightly. To overcome these problems, POE switch 4 port were born. So, what is PoE? What is a PoE switch? Let voip24h find out the details.

POE Switch 4 Port

What is PoE?  What is a PoE switch?

Table of contents

  1. What is PoE?
  2. What is a PoE switch?
  3. Why should you use a PoE Switch?
  4. Power Consumption on PoE. Switch
  5. Calculate the Number of Devices According to the Capacity of the PoE Switch
  6. How many devices can PoE 8 Port switch connect to?
  7. How many devices can the 24 Port PoE switch connect to?

What is PoE?

POE switch 4 port is an acronym for the phrase Power Over Ethernet, which means that it allows power to be supplied through the RJ45 network cable connected from the switch to the devices plugged into the network. On the network cable now, in addition to the task of providing the internet signal, it is also necessary to supply power to the devices using the network.

What is a PoE switch?

PoE switch is a network sharing device that has the function of supplying power to other network-receiving devices such as IP phones, cameras, WIFI routers. Wide applicability compatible with many types of devices. POE switch 4 port will help make your office no longer tangled. Saving you a considerable cost to go for power lines and sockets for network devices.

POE Switch 4 Port 2022

Why should you use a PoE Switch?

The use of PoE Switch is necessary, because this device brings a lot of benefits to users. That’s why you should use a PoE Switch.

A PoE switch makes it easier and more convenient to deploy a certain network device. You can deploy network equipment in any location with the PoE Switch. Even if that location does not have an electrical outlet or can’t pull the cord to it. So, when deploying network equipment thanks to POE switch 4 port, you will not have to compromise with anyone.

Moreover, the PoE Switch is compatible with many different devices, making the application installation process more convenient and simpler. This provides great flexibility, allowing devices to be controlled centrally.

PoE switch helps to save costs to the best extent

Users can install the application and use the device even if there is no power outlet in the current location. Thus, the cost of buying wires and electrical sockets will be saved.

Power Consumption on POE switch 4 port

Currently, the power consumption of PoE follows two standards, IEEE 802.3af and 802.3at. The original IEEE 802.3af rules stated that the power consumption per port of a PoE network switch could be up to 15.4W. The updated IEEE 802.3at standard, also named PoE+, is backward compatible with IEEE 802.3af, providing up to 30W of power per port.

However, due to the power dissipation that exists in the cable, the minimum guaranteed output power per port for a PoE switch is 12.95W and 25.5W for a PoE+ switch.

Key to a successful PoE installation

The key to a successful POE switch 4 port installation is to ensure that the power source selected via the Ethernet switch provides the required PoE power to each device and that the total power consumption is also ensured to power all the devices.

Simply put, the total power consumption of all connected devices should be controlled within the maximum power consumption of the PoE switch.

Calculate the Number of Devices According to the Capacity of the PoE Switch

Power consumption 150W and 400W are the most popular options on the market. Following are two switches from FS, 8-port PoE Switch and 24-port PoE Switch, and we will use them to further explain the question of how many Ethernet POE switch 4 port we can connect.

How many devices can PoE 8 Port switch connect to?

The FS Switch S1150-8T2F is a managed PoE+ switch. It has 8 10/10/100/1000Base-T ports and 2 Gigabit SFP slots. Its PoE standard is IEEE802.3af/at compliant. And designed with a maximum power consumption of 150W, each port can support up to 30W of power. T

his means that the switch provides PoE availability on all 8 RJ45 ports, and each port can supply power to connected devices.

From the above, we know standard PoE can provide 15.4W of power per port and 30W for PoE+. Therefore, this POE switch 4 port can connect 8 devices simultaneously (15.4W × 8 = 123.2W 150W) using the IEEE 802.3af standard and only 5 devices (30W × 5 = 150W) using the standard. IEEE 802.3at standard.

For example, if a typical outdoor IP camera needs a PoE power of 20W. Connecting 7 common IP cameras will require 140W of PoE power (7 × 20W), which is within the power consumption of this network switch.

How many devices can the POE switch 4 port connect to?

The SY-24G4SP managed PoE+ switch is designed with 24 Gigabit PoE+ ports. 1 console port and 4 Gigabit SFP ports. This switch is IEEE 802.3af/at compliant with a maximum power consumption of 400W and 30W per port.

Through calculation, we know the 24-port switch can connect 24 devices (15.4W × 24 = 369.6W 400W) with standard PoE at the same time and support 13 devices (30W × 13 = 390W < 400W) with PoE+ standard. And as for the same outdoor IP camera with 20W power requirement, the 24-port Switch can support 20 cameras (20 × 20W = 400W).

Knowing the power consumption of PoE Ethernet switches is very important

If you want to connect multiple devices to a single POE switch 4 port, you need to calculate the total power consumption required by all devices. And make sure your PoE switch can supply the required current.

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