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What is the Router System? Sailsky SKY50 Dual-band

2021.12.26 / By hqt

What is 5g cellular router

Modem, Router, Access Point how are they different?

The devices seem to be too familiar to IT people, but I will still remind those of you who are confused about these devices.

Router System port or optical port:

The DSL port is responsible for transferring ADSL to the internet, this port uses RJ11 network particles If you use fibre optic cable, it will be Optical Port (switching from 1-core or 2-core Fiber to the Internet)

Lan port (yellow): This port will have the effect of dividing the internet signal for the clients to use. The size of this port is used for the RJ45 network particle.2. How does a Router System work?

 is a Router System that receives internet signals from the modem or optical converter => then it will allocate an internet connection for other machines to use. This means that the Router will not automatically convert the ADSL or Fiber optic signal into the Internet, but it will have to go through an intermediary device that is the Modem.

The router is similar to Access Point but it is integrated with additional hardware parts to connect between other networks. In addition, the router can also allocate IP addresses to computers on the network.

way to identify and distinguish the Router

The way to identify and distinguish the Router System from the Modem is very simple, the Router has only 2 types of ports: the WAN port (blue) and the LAN port (yellow port and both use RJ45 network particles), and the modem will have DSL port or optical port (this port is smaller in size, suitable for RJ11 network seeds).

3. What is Access Point (AP)?

Simply put, Access Point is a Wi-Fi transmitter, which means it will get a network signal from a modem or a router, and then it will broadcast Wi-Fi to other devices.

In general, the Access Point is not much different from the Hub/Switch (network porting device), the AP is just more than that it can broadcast Wifi waves.

And you should remember that this Access Point only works to connect to the Wi-Fi network, but cannot allocate IP addresses, OK.

What is the difference between LAN port and WAN port?

You need to clearly distinguish between WAN port and LAN port. To understand the nature of the problem, you should read this section carefully.

Tasks of the WAN port: The WAN port will create a separate network layer and when you configure it to get the internet signal from the Modem into the Router System WAN port, then the WAN port will issue a range of IP addresses according to the Default Gateway of the router. Routers. Specifically like this:

Network LAN section of the Router configuration

In the Network LAN section of the Router configuration page, you set up At this time, devices connected to this router will always have IPv4 addresses in the form of 192.168.10.xxx

The IP address of this Router will not coincide with the Modem’s network class (usually if left to default, the modem’s network layer will be

What is 5g cellular router 2022

Important note: If you configure to get the internet signal from the Modem into the WAN port of the Router, you must turn on the DHCP mode of that Router. So that it can automatically assign IP addresses to devices connected to it.

What about the LAN port?

As mentioned above, the LAN port is the network port. Furthermore, when you configure to get the internet signal from the Modem to the LAN port, in the Router configuration section. You must turn off the DHCP mode.

This means that your Router System will become an Access Point using the same network layer as the modem, but it cannot create a new network layer.

In this case, if you do not turn off the mode DHCP, it will lead to the same IP address, IP conflict, or Limit .. and lead to internet loss.

III. Should I configure to use LAN port or WAN port?

Each of these ports has its advantages and disadvantages, which are:

If you take the internet signal from the Modem to plug it into the WAN port, the Router will now allocate a completely new IP address range (due to the different network layer with the Modem), so it will be rare to have the same IP address. Suitable for public places, hotels.

On the contrary, if you take the internet signal from the Modem to plug it into the LAN port. It means that all devices will use the same IP address range.

Sharing process of the Router System

You can only share data, also known as sharing data in LAN if. And only if the devices share the same network layer, and the other network layer cannot be shared.

That said, surely you understand what I mean? That is if you set up a network for common use by many computers. And these computers need to share data, configure it to plug into the LAN port.

You are looking for a cheap high-speed Router System to serve your home needs or to replace the default router of your telecommunications provider. Tenda AC5 v3 could be a router that meets this criterion.

Configure the band for speed Router System

Tenda AC5 v3 is more than just a 2.4GHz and 5GHz dual-band Wi-Fi router. This router offers Wi-Fi connection speeds (internal) up to 1167Mbps (5GHz: 867Mbps, 2.4GHz: 300Mbps). And an important feature is the combination of both bands into a single connection SSID name.

This means that you will not have to configure. And choose which brand to use for devices in your home, instead, AC5 v3 will automatically select the most optimal band based. type of device connected to bring the best results. Experience the best speed Wi-Fi.


Similar to Tenda’s other routers, the AC5 v3’s design is still based on the concept of a batwing. It is available with soft curves and elegant white tones. It is suitable for placing the device on high ceilings..

Provide a stable network for the home office, allowing you to enjoy 5G speed.

Customize your own model now: sales@sailskywifi.com

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