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How to fix slow speed access point outdoor?

2022.01.13 / By hqt

Why does the Internet slow down?

access point outdoor

Measure the connection speed on the computer connected to the access point outdoor using the Ookla app. Then connect the Ethernet cable directly to the computer and repeat the measurement. If the speed is equally low in both cases, contact your provider.

How to fix slow-speed access point outdoor?

If the wired connection and the router are equally slow, check the balance in the “Personal Account” on the provider’s website or call the hotline. Sometimes the provider deliberately reduces the speed when the account balance is small.

The router is frozen

If your wireless connection suddenly slows down, look at the front of your router. During normal operation, the Inbound and Outbound LEDs will blink. If the lights are on steadily, most likely the router is frozen. Unplug it from the wall outlet or turn it off for 30 seconds. If your access point router is still slow, the reason is different.

Other malfunctions in access point outdoor

Unplug the router from all wires, and clean the Ethernet ports with a vacuum cleaner or a can of compressed air. Correct the external antennas – screw them firmly to the connector and point them in different directions.

Check the condition of the wires and plugs – there should be no cracks, dents or kinks on them. Plug the router back in and let it run for 15-20 minutes. Overheating of the case also indicates a malfunction that slows down the data transfer rate.

 If the access point outdoor breaks down, it is better to take it to a service centre – inept interference will harm the device. It is easy to set up using the Router App mobile application.

Outdated model

The instructions indicate which version of the access point router is using.

The maximum speed per connected device depends on the communication standard:

The real speed is 1.2-1.5 times lower than the theoretical maximum, depending on the position of the router, furniture arrangement, adapter bandwidth in the computer and other conditions. For example, if your 802.11n access point router is about 100 Mbps, you can only increase the speed by purchasing a new model.

Poor signal reception of access point outdoor

Routers operating in the 2.4 GHz band (all standards up to 802.11n inclusive) support a stable connection at a distance of up to 30 m. In the 5 GHz band (802.11a / c and axe), the “range” is increased to 50 m.

But obstacles weaken the signal:

  • glass partition reduces effective range by 30%
  • plasterboard sheets – 50%
  • Moreover, solid wood walls – 70%
  • brick partition – 80%
  • Similarly, monolithic reinforced concrete – 90%.

Let’s say the access point outdoor is located in the hallway, 2 meters from a brick wall, behind which there is a living room. The maximum connection range in the living room is (30-2) × (100-80%) = 28 × 20% = 5.6 m.

access point outdoor 2022

 If the computer or smartphone is further away, the connection will be unstable. The quality of the signal is also affected by furniture, household appliances, and decor. It is desirable that there are few obstacles between the router and the computer, and all rooms are at the same distance.

The channel is overloaded

If the wired connection works fine when connecting to a computer directly, but the router does not connect to it via a computer or smartphone. To do this, use the Sailsky access point outdoor.

 Another option is to open a browser and access the router via the IP address or If you have not changed your username and password, you can find them on the bottom of the router or on the box with the device.

Open the wireless settings in the app or web client and check which channel the device is working on. Scan your surroundings using the access point Analyzer app or equivalent. If the program shows that your router is working in the most clogged (congested) channel, just select a free range in the settings.

The traffic is taken by the client device

If the download has a huge file, someone is watching a 4K movie, playing and streaming at the same time – one device will take most of the traffic. The problem is solved by limiting traffic or setting priorities in the router settings. Look for QoS, Traffic Manager, or Bandwidth Limiting.

In apps and web clients, they can be found in the menu on the right side of the screen.

Connected devices with access point outdoor

In the access point outdoor settings, find the item “Network status”, “Network map”, “Connected devices” or “Client list” – you will see the name of each gadget and its type (laptop, smartphone, TV).

You can also check the list by IP and MAC addresses because changing the device name is not difficult at all. You can find out the addresses of your computers and smartphones using special programs, including Ookla.

Password change

You can change the password in the basic settings of the wireless network. To increase the level of security, check the Hide SSID checkbox – it will be more difficult to connect to the network – you will have to enter the name of the router in the access point menu on your computer or smartphone.

Network protection

The most reliable way to disable a client device and deny it access to the network is by blocking it by MAC address. Enter the access point outdoor settings find the gadget in the list of connections and copy the address. Go to the “MAC addresses filtering” section and add it to the list of prohibited devices.

If the router has parental control settings, the “pirate” can also be blocked by its IP address. No complicated steps are required with the router – it is one of the most hacking-resistant in the consumer class. This model stores passwords and user information in a cloud service so that attackers cannot steal them.

Applications of access point outdoor

Programs that block connected devices without entering the access point router settings – SoftPerfect WIFI Guard and Netcut.

Launch the application, open the list of connected clients and add the desired gadget to the “black list”. They allow you to reset the connection without interfering with reconnecting after 10-15 minutes – useful for parents who want to remind their children about their studies.

Provide a stable network for the home office, allowing you to enjoy 5G speed.

Customize your own model now: sales@sailskywifi.com

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