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The Development of Wireless Technology in the Automotive

2021.08.21 / By hqt

The Internet of Vehicles, that is, the mobile Internet of Things, refers to the use of in-vehicle electronic sensor mounting, through mobile communication technology, car navigation systems, intelligent terminal equipment and information network platforms, so that cars and roads, cars and cars, cars and people, cars and Real-time networking between cities to realize information interconnection and interoperability, thus effectively monitoring, scheduling, and managing network systems for vehicles, people, things, roads, and location.

The vehicle has high mobility, the network signal is dynamic, and the self-driving car needs frequent information interaction during driving. It is necessary to establish a wireless communication environment with low delay and strong anti-interference ability for vehicles and roads, vehicles, people, and cities. Communication technology is the key core technology of vehicle networking, which determines the real-time and effectiveness of vehicle network information transmission. 


At the beginning, the wireless technology used in the automotive industry was infrared communication technology (IR). Infrared communication technology is a kind of wireless communication technology, which does not require physical connection, is easy to use and has low implementation cost. Infrared communication technology has shortcomings such as short transmission distance and low transmission rate. It has limited enabling in the automotive industry and is only used in wireless locking. 

Later, the industry adopted Secure Encrypted Radio Frequency (RFID) technology, which is a non-contact automatic identification technology that automatically identifies target objects and acquires relevant data through RF signals. The identification work can be performed without manual intervention. Various harsh environments. This technology enables the automotive industry to implement automatic garage doors and car door locks to open or close.

Then Bluetooth technology is used – a short-range wireless communication technology. Bluetooth technology enables modern portable mobile communication devices to enable wireless Internet access, increasing user convenience and comfort. Users can turn appliances on and off wirelessly, such as heaters and air conditioners. Later, it became a key feature of infotainment systems. Bluetooth connectivity delivers high-quality audio, and passengers can connect their portable devices to their cars to listen to their favorite music. However, the Bluetooth function does not provide the user with information about the external and internal environment of the vehicle through the connected application.

Then there is Wi-Fi, a technology that connects wirelessly to terminals such as personal computers and handheld devices (such as tablets and mobile phones). Wi-Fi provides a powerful data pipeline for screen projection technology, enabling drivers to seamlessly connect from their smartphones to their own cars.

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