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Come And Know More About Wi-Fi CPE

2022.03.09 / By hqt

Why do you need a Wifi CPE? It provides wireless internet on all smart devices within an apartment or office. However, more than half of users do not even realize that in addition to the obvious purpose, Wifi CPE can have a number of useful, convenient and simply interesting functions.

This is a compact electronic device that must connect to the network using an Internet cable. It comes in the central room of the apartment.

Wifi cpe

 This is important so that the Wifi CPE signal generated by this product can reach all rooms. In some cases (if a large apartment or a private house) additional access points are required, but most often one quality equipment option is enough.

A router needs in order to distribute wireless communications, as well as for mobile gadgets in this way (tablets, laptops, smartphones, and so on) to access the Internet.

Changing ranges of modern Wi-Fi

Modern Wi-Fi CPEs support two bands: 2.4 and 5 GHz. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages and is selected depending on the required coverage area and the presence of obstacles in the signal path.

However, if there are many CPEs operating in the same range in an apartment building, they can interfere with neighbouring networks. By experimenting with switching ranges, you can choose the best option for your conditions. The main condition is that the selected range can be supported by receiving devices.

Wan Port forwarding

Each provider warns about the need to turn off the CPE during a thunderstorm. However, the user does not always have such an opportunity. The WAN port is the first to suffer from overvoltage. If similar trouble has occurred with your CPE, you can restore the connection without repair.

 In the wifi CPE settings from the computer, reassign the WAN port to one of the free LAN ports. This feature is referred to as mirroring or virtual port in the web interface. Also, using this function, you can switch between several providers without swapping the wires.

Traffic optimization

The QoS or Quality of Service feature allows you to prioritize traffic flows. If the wifi CPE load with several tasks at the same time, secondary processes. Such as backups or long-term torrent downloads, which can take a large share of the traffic.

By setting priorities manually, you can ensure a stable connection to individual devices, or assign priority applications, such as video calls in instant messengers or services for watching movies.

Connection without a password

WPS is the ability to connect to the network if you forget your password. Just press the button with the corresponding name on the CPE and the connected device, and wait for automatic pairing. However, in some cases, confirmation in the form of a PIN code may be required, which can be found in the CPE settings. On some wifi CPEs, the WPS button can also use to restart, so look in the instructions for the pressing mode in advance.

Parental control network devices

These are very useful features that find it in applications not only in the home with children but also in the office. Depending on the model and brand, this function may have different names: access restriction or access control.

 The convenience of the function lies in the ability to simultaneously restrict access to certain resources from all network devices. It is not configured for each phone, laptop and computer separately. You can also set up a connection schedule for each device.

Mobile Internet through a Wifi CPE

If you have a USB modem from a mobile operator and paid traffic, then you can share it through your home CPE. This function is convenient when providers have technical work or you missed the Internet payment date.

Also, such a tandem will be useful in rural areas or in the country, where stationary networks are rarely laid. To do this, you need to connect the modem to the USB connector of the CPE and perform simple settings in accordance with the instructions for a particular device.

Write files to a flash drive without a PC

In the characteristics of much modern wifi CPEs, you can find a USB port. And this means that you can burn any files stored on devices connected to the network to a USB flash drive or external drive. The system also works in the opposite direction: from any computer, laptop or phone on the home network, you can access the files stored on the media connected to the CPE.

Wifi cpe 2022

Torrents without a computer

Some CPEs with USB connectors equip with an autoload function that can greatly facilitate the life of a home computer. Download torrents and files directly to any external drive by turning off the PC after starting the process

. By setting the download for the night, you will save on electricity and avoid annoying computer hum. You can enable this feature in the Wifi CPE’s USB port settings.

Connection control useful features

The settings of each CPE contain a list of connected devices. This is a very useful feature that will help detect illegal connections. You can find a list of connected devices in the “Wireless networks” section. The list shows the IP, model, or device names if they were previously set.

Coverage expansion via Lane

Very often, the power of one CPE may not be enough to fully cover a private house or office space. But if a second wifi CPE is available. It can be used as an additional access point. To do this, the CPEs must be connected using a LAN port or via Wi-Fi. The data for connecting to the network will not change.

Is every wifi CPE capable of this?

Unfortunately no, the functionality of each model depends on the manufacturer, software stuffing, and technical characteristics. If you have a budget model older than 3 – 5 years, then you should not expect wide functionality from it.

However, in the lineup of each manufacturer, you can find models with different capabilities. It will help simplify the user’s life and provide additional functions, in addition to the main one – a stable wifi CPE connection.

Provide a stable network for the home office, allowing you to enjoy 5G speed.

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