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Wifi6 mesh router the Ultimate Guide 0f 2022

2022.03.09 / By hqt

Over the past 20 years, wifi6 mesh router technology has come a long way in its development. Initially, it was intended for corporate clients, as it designs to replace traditional cable networks.

From year to year, Wi-Fi technology is constantly improving, and today you can increasingly see the word “mesh” in the name “Wi-Fi router”. New products with support for mesh technology appear on the market, but due to the high cost, they are not very popular with consumers.  

Today we will talk about the mesh Wi-Fi system wifi6 mesh from the Chinese manufacturer, and also answer the main questions: So, about everything in more detail.  

What is mesh Wi-Fi or “seamless” roaming?

In a traditional wifi6 mesh router wireless network, devices connect to a single access point. If the user needs to increase the coverage area, he can do this using repeater or additional access points. But this solution has its drawbacks.

Although repeaters can indeed transmit the signal further, the connection speed drops. Additional access points are a good solution if you use the gadget without changing your location.

But with the growing popularity of laptops, and especially smartphones and tablets, users today are constantly on the move. That is, when you move from one point to another, the Wi-Fi signal may be interrupted.

Wi-Fi router solves this problem with smart hotspots that work as a single system, rather than as independent devices connect to the same network.

Wifi6 mesh router

“Seamless” roaming technology

Wifi6 mesh router is built on mesh or seamless roaming technology. For the user, first of all, this means an uninterrupted connection to the Wi-Fi network for mobile phones, tablets, computers, and other smart gadgets, even when moving from one point to another.

All three wifi6 mesh units work as a single system to create a fast and stable network. Each block connects to another block and not directly to the ISP, thus creating a single system.

Who is the Wi-Fi 6 intended for;

Wi-Fi 6 units are able to automatically reconfigure using the most optimal Internet access channels. This means that if one of the blocks stops working, this will not affect the operation of the entire system. That is, users will continue to watch movies or play online games.   

What can the wifi6 mesh router do?

Ten years ago, every home had two or three devices connected to a wifi6 mesh router network. Now in a modern house, the number of devices connected to a wireless network can reach 8-10 or more. And a conventional router is not always able to cope with the increasing load and growing demands of users for a wireless network.

Wifi6 mesh is a mesh Wi-Fi system capable of providing a reliable and stable wireless network for multiple users at the same time. Whether, it’s downloading “heavy” files, watching HD video streaming, or chatting with friends via video messenger.

Wi-Fi router gadgets

Wifi6 mesh router is a dual-band system that supports wireless gadgets on two frequencies. The automatic control function distributes clients between bands (2.4 GHz, 5 GHz) in order to optimize network performance. This is especially true for high-rise buildings, where the level of interference from other wireless devices is quite high.  

What problems can it solve?   

The signal strength of a conventional router is not the same everywhere. For example, you can watch a 4K video while being only at a certain point in your apartment or house, while the signal may be stronger in one room and much weaker in another.   

All this can happen because a traditional Wi-Fi network uses one device to transmit a signal. This means that the signal is strong when the user is directly near the router, and weaker when the user moves away from it.   

With the help of the wifi6 mesh router system, it is possible to create a reliable and stable network. Since, in the mesh system, all three devices work as a single unit. Thanks to this, indicators such as speed, signal, and stability significantly improve.   

What are the advantages of mesh Wi-Fi;

The mesh network has a larger, faster, and more stable coverage area than a traditional Wi-Fi network. A mesh network can be expanded by adding more nodes or cubes to cover a larger area.

Wifi6 mesh features Wave2 MU-MIMO technology, which allows multiple users to watch 4K video, play online games or download files at the same time. At the same time, they will not “interfere” with each

Other: that is, you can, for example, watch an online broadcast, and one of your relatives listens to music or chat with friends in the next room at the same time.   

No special skills are needed to connect the wifi6 mesh router

Previously, mesh technology or “seamless” roaming was available only to large corporations, as the setup process was complex and require the intervention of professional installers. Mesh technology is now available in private homes, as it does not require special skills or additional cabling to install.

You can connect your wifi6 mesh using the simple and intuitive Wi-Fi mobile app. To do this, you need to install it on your smartphone. This can be done for free through Google Pay or the App Store, or by scanning the code on the packaging.

All three devices are pre-configured. This means that the cubes will be able to “find” each other and do not need to be manually configured like a normal router.


Wifi6 mesh router is a turnkey solution for creating a home Wi-Fi network with no extra effort. Moreover, this is a smart and convenient gadget that can provide the entire house or apartment with stable Wi-Fi coverage, eliminating “dead” zones.

The wifi6 mesh has a number of additional features that make the use of this gadget more comfortable. These are the parental control function, Auto-Path intelligent technology, scheduled Wi-Fi, guest network, and many others.   

Provide a stable network for the home office, allowing you to enjoy 5G speed.

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