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How To Set Up A WIFI6 Mesh System For Your Business?

2023.01.07 / By sailskywifi

What Is The WIFI6 Mesh System?

WIFI6 is the new standard for wireless communication. It will replace the current WIFI standard, which is 802.11ac. The Wi-Fi Alliance has announced that WIFI6 will enable a connection speed of up to 10 Gbps (10x faster than 802.11ac).

WIFI6 is not just about faster speeds: It also promises better security and range, as well as lower power consumption. In addition, WIFI6 provides new features such as mesh networking, which allows devices to communicate directly with each other without having an Internet connection or an access point in between them (like Wi-Fi Direct).

The WiFi6 mesh system:

The WiFi6 mesh system is a wireless system that uses mesh technology to extend the range of your home network. It’s similar to a traditional router, except it has multiple nodes (antennas) that connect to create one large network.

A mesh network is a type of wireless network topology where each node relays data to other nodes to extend the signal range. The mesh topology is a self-healing network that allows for redundancy and fault tolerance.

Mesh networks can be found in many places, including hospitals, industrial facilities, and military bases. Mesh networks are also used in the home and small businesses.

These types of networks used to be difficult to set up because they require a lot of equipment and technical knowledge. However, with the maturity of WIFI6 technology, it is no longer difficult to build a wiring-free, self-organizing WIFI6 Mesh System.

How To Set Up A WIFI6 Mesh System For Your Business?

It is not difficult to build a complete WIFI6 Mesh System, but it is not easy. You need to know the specific details like how many routers you need and know your building situation. Here are some suggestions for your reference. This blog divides the building process into 3 steps: preparation-build-check:

1. Determine your networking needs:

First, assess the size and layout of your business to determine how many mesh routers you will need (we’ll discuss this below) and where they should be placed. Consider factors such as the number of devices that will be connected to the network, the thickness of walls and other physical barriers, and the desired coverage area.

Choose a mesh system:

Research and compare different WiFi 6 mesh systems to find the one that best meets your needs. Consider factors such as the number of routers included in the system, the speed and range of the network, and any additional features such as security.

2. Set up your WIFI6 Mesh System:

Set up the primary router:

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to set up the primary router, which is typically the hub of the mesh network. This may involve plugging in the router, connecting it to your modem, and setting up a wireless network name and password.

Add additional routers:

If your mesh system includes additional routers, follow the manufacturer’s instructions to set them up and connect them to the primary router. Place the routers in strategic locations throughout your business to extend the range of the network.

3. Test and optimize the network:

Once all of the routers are set up, test the network to ensure that it is working properly and providing coverage to the desired areas. Use tools such as a WiFi analyzer app to assess the strength and coverage of the network, and move the routers as needed to improve performance.

Moreover, make sure to secure your WiFi 6 mesh network with a strong password and any additional security measures, such as firewalls or virtual private network (VPN) support. This will help protect your business from cyber threats and unauthorized access.

How Many Routers Do You Need To Build Your WIFI6 Mesh System?

Take Sailsky’s M18 mesh router as an example, if you use it to build a WIFI6 Mesh System for your business premises. Below we will use different usage scenarios as examples for your reference:

1PC for a small house (50~80 square meters):

If you want to build a WIFI6 Mesh System for a small and medium office with a space area of 50~80 square meters, you will need an M18 as the main router. It has a built-in 5dBi MIMO antenna and dual-band wireless network, which can eliminate all network dead spots in your office!

2 main routers for middle size house (80~130 square meters):

If you want to build a WIFI6 Mesh System for a large office with a space area of 80~130 square meters, using two M18s as main routers is enough.

The M18 chip is a professional industrial-grade MediaTek chip with 3 Gigabit WAN/LAN interfaces. It can support the highest wireless rate up to 1800Mbps. Plus, it can access 100+ users! This means it can be a perfect fit for your business!

3 main routers for a three-story office:

If your office area has three floors or is very large, you need three main routers. You can centrally place your M18 on each floor for better network efficiency.

Moreover, the M18 has a central management system, which will greatly facilitate the maintenance of your WIFI6 Mesh System. You can easily manage all devices in the system through one central location.

How To Enhance The Network Signal Strength Of The WIFI6 Mesh System?

When you are using the mesh system, you need to make sure that the signal strength is strong enough. This will ensure that your devices can connect to them without any problems.

  • 1. Check the WIFI6 Mesh network and power supply cables. Make sure that the power supply cable is connected to a stable power source.
  • 2. Check whether there are any obstacles between the WIFI6 Mesh units and your devices. Remove all obstacles from between them if necessary.
  • 3. Check whether your device has been configured to connect to the same subnet as your WIFI6 Mesh system (i.e., 192.168.1.*). If so, remove the device from its subnet and put it back into another subnet (e.g., 192.168.*). Then try again to see if this improves your connection speed or stability.
  • 4. Make sure that you have selected the correct SSID for your wireless network during the setup or reconfiguration of your mesh system.

Provide a stable network for the home office, allowing you to enjoy 5G speed.

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