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How to get 4g lte modem signals in a closed room?

2021.11.01 / By hqt

In this article I will try to tell you about effective ways to amplify a Wi-Fi signal. I will not mention the methods associated with cans and firmware of 4g lte modem. So, let’s start in order from the simplest.

4G wifi transmitters is a portable wifi transmitter for electronic devices such as phones, tablets, laptops, smart TVs with just one sim card registered for a dedicated 4G network.

This device allows users to actively access the internet anywhere, anytime, very suitable for business or travel.

The old rated 4G wifi transmitter is the perfect combination between today’s latest 4G technology and wifi broadcasting technology.

How 4g lte modem works?

Basically, the nature of the 4g lte modem network is not different from the wifi broadcast from other modem router devices.

Many people hide Wi-Fi modems in lockers, keeping the aesthetics of the apartment’s appearance. But you need to understand that even a wooden or plastic cabinet door significantly absorbs a radio signal, not to mention a metal cabinet.

4g lte modem Access Point is Very Important

It is also very important that the Wi-Fi access point is in the middle of an apartment or a country house, and not somewhere on the window. But in real life, the 4g lte modem stands where we could reach the wires, if we are talking about an apartment, then this is next to the front door. And if the Wi-Fi signal does not reach the distant premises, then read on.

The biggest difference comes from the source of the network common. Instead of using the traditional wired network, the 4G wifi transmitter uses 4G sim cards of network operators on the market.

Rotate the Wi-Fi antenna correctly

No matter how it may seem that this is insignificant, but it is worth paying attention to! The whip antennas that are installed on modems have their own directional pattern – the main signal power is distributed perpendicular to the antenna surface.

But, unfortunately, not all modems have such external antennas – sometimes they are hidden inside the case.

Install a more powerful 4g lte modem

This option is relevant if the Wi-Fi 4g lte modem model provides for antenna removal. Typically these antennas have an SMA connector. By installing an antenna with a high gain, you increase the horizontal coverage (assuming a vertical whip antenna) and decrease the vertical coverage. That is, such a solution is relevant for an apartment, but not for a two-story country house, where communication is needed on both floors!

Setting up a Wi-Fi modem

The option is relevant for apartments, offices, where there are a large number of neighboring WiFi networks. Install the WiFi Analyzer program on your phone (there are a lot of such programs). We launch and see a similar 4g lte modem:

The vertical axis is the power of the wifi network, and the horizontal axis is the channel number! There are 14 channels in total in the classic 2.4 GHz band! Our task is to see more or less free space from neighboring networks. In our case, we see the freest place in the area of ​​the 11th channel. There are more than 30 channels in the 5 GHz WiFi range and it is much easier to find a free channel there.

How does a repeater work? 

It should be located at a point approximately halfway between your 4g lte modem and the back room. The repeater picks up the Wi-Fi signal from your modem and repeats it further. The plus of this solution is no wires, I plugged a fairly cheap device into an outlet and everything works. 

The main thing is to choose the right outlet, where to plug this repeater, and this is solved empirically. But there is also a minus of this decision. 

All network participants will receive a reduced Wi-Fi speed; this is due to the fact that the repeater works on the same Wi-Fi channel and, in fact, interferes with itself (interference and deterioration of the signal-to-noise ratio). 

For example, in your apartment, due to 4g lte modem the Wi-Fi speed is about 50 Mbit per second, and after installing the repeater, the speed may drop to 20 Mbit per second. 

Power Line adapter

The Power Line adapter is a device that allows you to transmit the Internet through an existing 220V network, and distribute this Internet at the endpoint by wired Ethernet or via Wi-Fi.

4g lte modem usually comes in a set of 2 devices:

Installing and configuring such devices does not require any professional skills, everything is quite simple according to the instructions. In most cases, the entire setup will take 1-2 minutes. Total: always start with the simplest thing – twist the antenna and try to reconfigure the Wi-Fi channel. 

Then you should buy something in addition other than 4g lte modem. Between the repeater and the Power Line adapters, I would immediately take the latter if the task is to make the Wi-Fi speed maximum.

Summary 4g lte modem

The article discusses issues related to the construction of a seamless Wi-Fi network (wireless network with seamless roaming) in a country house. A seamless wireless network implies the creation of a single information space, which includes from two to several dozen signal sources (access points (AP)) and in which client devices can move without losing connection. 

Switching from one AP to another occurs automatically 4g lte modem, with the one with the best signal selected as the preferred AP.

1. WI-FI standards

1.1 Applicable Wi-Fi standards:

  • IEEE 802.11a;
  • IEEE 802.11b
  • Similarly, IEEE 802.11ax.

Modern wireless networks

Modern wireless networks come using Wi-Fi 4 and Wi-Fi 5. At the same time, when using Wi-Fi 4, backward compatibility with 802.11b and 802.11g is common, 4g lte modem allows using old devices to access the network. 802.11a has Wi-Fi 5 compatibility and can come in handy for connecting a very old laptop to a wireless network.

Recently, manufacturers of equipment for building wireless networks refuse to support 802.11a. IEEE 802.11ac does not support by all client devices, including modern smartphones.

Provide a stable network for the home office, allowing you to enjoy 5G speed.

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