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How to set the range of 4g lte router?

2021.11.01 / By hqt

Often we are asked questions like: “I would like to have such a cellular router so as not to use a separate SIM card, but to amplify the existing voice signal and mobile Internet from the tower.” In this article I will try to show the advantages and disadvantages of 4g lte router in simple language.

I will make a reservation right away: two devices in one do not exist, because completely different technologies, different cables, etc. are used.

4g lte router Advantages:

Most routers are broadband, i.e. amplifies all operators in a given range. There are rare exceptions: for example. There is one more very important point: in order to amplify the signal of all operators, it is necessary that signals from these operators of almost the same level come to the router input.

For example, if the Beeline is 20 dB more powerful than the MTS, then indoors from the 4g lte router the range of the Beeline will clearly exceed the range of the MTS, for example, 1 and 5 meters from the internal antenna, respectively? No additional SIM card needed.


One of the most important parameters of a router is the frequency range in which it operates. Cellular operators in Russia operate in 5 frequency bands: 800, 900, 1800, 2100, 2600 MHz. And choosing the right router is not an easy task. But again, there is an algorithm that is described in this article.

Relative complexity of installation and commissioning 4g lte router

It is thick, heavy bending cable, unique connectors that require a soldering iron or special tool. The direction of the antenna must satisfy all operators at the same time, even if the towers are in different directions.


If the signal at the point of installation of the external 4g lte router does not exceed 2-3 rods, then you will need a router costing from 30 thousand rubles, and in some cases from 50 thousand rubles.

Why 4g lte router works poorly with a weak signal?

If at the point of the external antenna the signal is -95 dB or weaker, then the Internet speed will be clearly lower than through a router or absent altogether.

Also, the indoor coverage radius is proportional to the input signal from the base station. For example, at low input signal levels, the antenna range may be half a meter instead of the promised 100 square meters.

Lowers the speed of the Internet

The 4g lte router adds some noise to the signal, which any electronic device has, and thereby lowers the quality of the signal => the speed of the Internet drops, despite the high signal level. In practice, the speed can drop by a factor of 2, i.e. instead of 20 Mbit per second, you can get 10.

Router 3G / 4G Advantages:

Low price

  • From 10 to 18 thousand rubles per set.
  • Working with low signal levels from base stations
  • Versatility – works with all frequency ranges
  • No need to bother determining frequencies. Just put it on and use it
  • The Wi-Fi coverage area does not depend on the input signal level
  • Unlike a 4g lte router, the Wi-Fi coverage area is fixed


  • Does not enhance voice communication
  • For some, this is a fundamental point
  •  but for some alternatives, such as WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, are suitable
  • through which you can also make audio and video calls

Highest speed of internet

Internet with the highest possible speed, then it is worth taking both devices at the same time, because voice communication will work, for example, in the 900 MHz range, and 4G Internet – in the 1800 MHz range. True, in some cases it is possible to select a 4g lte router that performs both functions, but accurate measurements are needed here.

Rule number 1:

All modern phones always “cling” to the higher standard, which is at a given point of reception. For example, if you strengthen the 2G / GSM signal, and a weak 3G comes into the room from the street, then the phone will ignore a strong GSM signal and will continue to use a weak 3G. With 4G, the situation is similar in relation to 3G.

By the way, in many regions, cellular operators began to launch “voice” in 4G, but the process will stretch over 2019-2020. In Moscow, MTS and Megafon have already launched 4G voice on many 4g lte router.

Rule number 2:

If the same standard enters the room at different frequencies, then the phone always selects a higher frequency. For example, 3G is present indoors at 900 and 2100 MHz. The phone will naturally select 2100 MHz, even if it is very weak.

How to measure a cellular signal in 4g lte router?

  • If you have Android version 6 and below, then read this article
  • If an iPhone, then this article
  • But the easiest option is if you have Android 7.0 or higher
  • Don’t be scared. Everything is simple there
  • An example of how measurements should be taken

How to set the range of 4g lte router?

A phone in 2G / GSM mode “sits” indoors only at 1800 frequency. Therefore, there is no need to amplify the 900th range! In 3G mode, it sits at the 2100th frequency. In 4G mode, the phone sits indoors at 1800 MHz. Accordingly, in our case, for this operator, it will be correct to choose a 4g lte router with 1800/2100 ranges. And such a calculation must be done for each operator!

If it is difficult with the selection, then send us measurements, describe the situation and we will select a solution for you.

What power to choose a cellular router?

(You can skip this boring section, better write or call our engineer and tell us your measurements and the area required for coverage).

We measured the signal level with the telephone at the point of preliminary installation of the external antenna – 72 dBm. The antenna gain is 11 dB, respectively; at the antenna output we have a signal of -72 + 11 = -61 dBm.

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