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How to resolve problems of 5g mobile WIFI router connectivity?

2021.12.26 / By hqt

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Hello friends! Today, let’s take a look at why the 5g mobile WIFI router does not work, what can affect its functionality and how to deal with it.
5g mobile WIFI router

The problem that the router does not distribute Wi-Fi may appear even at the stage of preliminary debugging. There are also glitches after turning off the light or after flashing.
All such problems if their causes are identified. Sometimes you can’t cope on your own – you need to take the device to a service center.
What to do if Wi Fi is not distributed
To begin with, consider the following situation: you turn on the access point, but the Wi Fi network does not appear.
If there is a cable connection to the network, I recommend doing the following:
Reboot device. A banal solution, which, oddly enough, often helps in case of malfunctions in the operation of any electronics.
Some devices are equipped with a separate button for activating wireless data transmission. Check to see if you have accidentally turned off wireless data transmission.
Try to connect to the access point using another device. Perhaps it is not the 5g mobile WIFI router itself, the smartphone or the laptop that is buggy.
If your home has a lot of wi-fi networks, change the channel common in the settings.
Reset all presets completely and reconfigure the access point again.
If such methods do not help check power and cable
This method does not help, then most likely the wi-fi does not turn on due to a hardware failure. If you are using an external antenna, check if its cable is damaged and if it connects well to the corresponding slot.
Also make sure that Wi-Fi signal distribution is activated in the access point settings.
So, you’ve tried everything, but there is no over-the-air distribution. The only thing that remains is the renovation. Bring it to the service.
Why is Wi Fi working but not connected?
Also, a common problem.  I recommend doing the following:
Check if the network cable is connected correctly. It plug into the WAN port.
Make sure the wire is not damaged and the connector is standard and not oxidized.
Go to the 5g mobile WIFI router menu and make sure that all parameters are entered correctly. It happens that the Network stopped working only because the settings of the device went off.
need to launch a browser and enter one of the network addresses:
I also recommend checking whether you paid the subscription fee in a timely manner – it happens that access to the Network is simply disabled by the provider. There may also be line failures. In this case, the Internet will not be available, even if your router is configured and works perfectly.
Let me remind you that to enter the menu of your device, you need to launch a browser and enter one of the network addresses:
must enter the same username and password
For authorization, you must enter the same username and password – admin. All these data can be read on the nameplate, which is pasted on the bottom cover of the 5g mobile WIFI router, or found in the accompanying documentation.
5g mobile WIFI router 2022

With settings, you can find out from the company that provides you with the Internet. How to understand that the problem is on the provider’s side – contact technical support.
It can also help if there are no problems on the line and your access point is working properly, but the server lags. In this case, the breakdown is eliminated by engineers, and the connection to the Internet will resume as soon as the service work is completed.
How to properly connect the router
This device comes with at least one network cable with RJ-45xUdHPiFHQ7xbKh19G45saF1raB2ot5pag8p1Hnk4yrfXRJZskr8TMbFpVfC5tDk8eQQg63TqkW9gKhwagx6HePTaK2yXbwith a modem.
The model we are considering does not have a built-in modem, so an external one is necessary. A suitable model is easy to obtain at a discount or even free of charge by concluding an agreement with an Internet provider.
LAN port must connect to the WAN
The cable that is enter the LAN port of the modem connect to the WAN port of the router. However, this condition may differ for different providers: some models of modems will work correctly only if they are connected via LAN ports.
You can connect to the 5g mobile WIFI router via wi-fi immediately after turning it on. I do not recommend configuring it like this: when you change any settings, the connection is broken and you will need to re-authorize.
It is better to configure the router through a computer that is attach via a network cable.
If you need to connect multiple computers
If you need to connect multiple computers via cable, the same ports are common.
The order of connection is not important: everything will work correctly, no matter which computer uses which port.
Setting up a 5g mobile WIFI router step by step
In any case, you need to log into your account by specifying the username and password admin (in the same, lowercase characters).
Change the factory login and password
Immediately after authorization, the device will offer to change the factory login and password. I recommend saving them to a separate file or writing them down in a notepad the old-fashioned way.
This will launch the Quick Setup Wizard, which will guide you through the menu items that require configuration changes. To switch to Chinese, select it in the drop-down list in the upper right corner of the main settings window.
How to Internet settings?
To configure everything correctly, you need to know which type of connection your provider uses – dynamic or static IP, PPPoE, L2TP or PPTP. The service provider may also use MAC-based device binding. All this clear with the provider before entering data for the Internet.
Then click the Connect button. If the 5g mobile WIFI router connects to the Network and the Internet appears on your computer, then you have configured everything correctly.
Must specify the IP address, username and password
For some types of connection, you must specify the IP address, username and password, server address. This data is provided by your provider.
Wi-fi setup
Although the 5g mobile WIFI router considered in this manual is dual-band, this does not complicate the configuration of packet transmission “over the air” – everything here is the same as in the “lower” models, only for two networks at once.
I recommend strongly not to “poke around” in these parameters, and change only the name of the local network and the password for connecting to the access point.
After rebooting the device, you can connect to it via Wi-Fi and use the Internet.

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