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Top features of the 5g CPE router: AC1200 Mesh Routers Network

2021.12.26 / By hqt

Sailsky 2.4GHz 5GHz Dual Band Whole Home Mesh WiFi System

Hello everybody! Today let’s look at what a 5g CPE router is, how it works and what it is for.

What is a router?

The name of the device comes from the English word repeat, which translates as “repeat”. Accordingly, a router is a router, in this case for a Wi-Fi network signal.

Let’s look at how such a device works. The wireless signal from the access point or router is captured by the router and transmitted further, but stronger.

Such a router is best in large rooms where an access point, even equipped with an antenna, does not finish everywhere – for example, in a large office or a country house.

5g CPE router Features of use

The use of such a device does not require deep knowledge of computer technology. It is enough to set up the 5g CPE 5g CPE router once, for which you can invite a specialist so that everything works “without a hitch.”

When activating the extender, no additional wireless network appears. It remains the same and does not change its name, it just expands the coverage area a little. A smartphone or tablet, or any other device that uses wireless internet access, will connect to a stronger signal source.

Addresses of devices do not change

The addresses of devices within the network do not change, and the presence of a router does not interfere in any way with building a local network based on Wi-Fi. The username and password are the same as before for access.

For a dual-band router, it is recommended to use a dual-band router as an additional device so as not to be limited by frequencies.

Design features 5g CPE router

Wireless manufacturers such as Sailssky also manufacture routers as standalone devices. This is a small box with a pair of antennas, which are often not even equipped with a screen. To connect a 5g CPE router with a wireless network, just press a couple of buttons on the case.

Many Wi-Fi routers can operate in router mode. Transfer to this mode is performed through the settings menu. Why do you need to connect to your computer using a network cable? Also, this mode is supported by many access points – “lightweight” versions of routers, to which only 1 computer can connect via a cable connection.

5g CPE router profitable as separate devices

In economic terms, routers are more profitable as separate devices – they cost several times cheaper compared to a conventional 5g CPE router, and consume less energy. As for the settings, everything is done to the maximum user-friendliness, as it is designed for the mass consumer.

In my opinion, using a router is more convenient than attaching a bulky antenna. Moreover, not every router supports this feature – many models have standard antennas firmly built into the case, and there is simply no additional connector.

Two common problems of the 5g CPE router

Typically, there are 2 common problems:  Alternatively, everything works fine, but when you reboot, the entered data is lost. Unpleasant, isn’t it?

Although these problems are similar, the causes are completely different. Let’s take a look at why this often happens.

Router settings are not saved

A typical case: in the control panel of your router, you entered all the necessary parameters, and clicked the “save” button, but either nothing happens, or the program displays an error message, the page reloads and all data must be re-entered.

5g CPE router Browser glitches

Try starting another Internet browser and logging into the 5g CPE router account using it. If you have, for example, Opera, you may be able to save the settings through Internet Explorer or Edge.

Alternatively, you can try Firefox or Chrome. And if that doesn’t help, try connecting your device to another computer – it might help.

Router firmware is buggy

Reset to factory settings. To do this, use a paper clip to hold the Reset button recessed into the case until the indicators on the router blink.

How to work the WPS button?

On some models, this button is combined with the WPS key. In this case, also hold it until the lights on the device’s case blink. After that, you can try to configure it again.

This is the most that you can do on your own.

If the problem persists, then the hardware part of the device is most likely the cause of the problem. The only way out in this case is to take the 5g CPE router to a service centre and repair it under warranty or for a fee.

Settings keep getting lost after reboot

In this case, the situation is slightly different. Then you must re-enter the settings menu and re-enter all the data. It is not critical if the router is constantly on and distributes the Internet. But if the owner turns it off at night, this mode of operation will get boring very quickly.

How to double-check yourself

Make sure you enter the correct data and save it correctly.

Pay special attention to devices of the Sailssky brand – for them, to save the settings, you need to click the “Apply” button, and only then “Save”.

I recommend doing the first boot through the control panel, and not by turning off the power. As a rule, the required button is in the General Settings or System Tools tab.

Manually reset all settings to factory defaults and update the firmware to the most recent version. Read more about how to reset your 5g CPE router to factory defaults here.


Of course, such methods can sometimes help, but they do not guarantee anything at all. As in the previous case, the cause of the problem lies in the incorrect operation of the “filling” of the router. The only way for him is to the service centre for repairs.

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