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Top 7 Tips for Optimal Positioning 5g CPE

2021.12.26 / By hqt

Sailsky Super 11ax Wi-Fi6 Mesh Router

5g CPE

The Internet has now become an integral part of our everyday life. It is therefore important for many to be able to be online anywhere, whether on vacation, on a business t, trip, or on the go. Either the cell phone connection of the smartphone or a mobile 5g CPE router can be good for this.

If you set up a hotspot on your smartphone so that friends or family members can also use the Internet, the battery will run out quickly on the one hand and the data volume will be common up quickly on the other.

A mobile WLAN 5g CPE often enables a faster Internet connection and relieves the data volume of the smartphone. In addition, the Internet can also be common on a laptop or tablet.

Table of contents

What is a mobile WIFI router and how does it work?

  1. For which areas of application are a mobile WLAN router worthwhile?
  2. Use on the go
  3. Use at home
  4. Setting up the mobile WIFI router
  5. Mobile 5g CPE provider
  6. What is a mobile WIFI router and how does it work?

Multiple devices can access

A mobile WIFI router enables WIFI access that multiple devices can access at the same time. Unlike home WIFI routers, mobile WIFI routers do not require a DSL or cable network. The mobile WLAN router, like the smartphone, uses mobile internet.

The data network is accessed via a data SIM card.

In addition to this, the router also needs electricity. The power supply can take place in different ways depending on the device: Some models are simply plugged into a conventional socket. This shape is only suitable in places where there are sockets, for example in the garden shed.

There are WLAN routers with car charger cables for use in the car. WLAN routers with battery operation enable particularly flexible use, as they can be common anywhere where an LTE network is available.

For which areas of application is a mobile WLAN router worthwhile?

A mobile WLAN router can be common on the one hand for on the go and on the other hand at home.

Use on the go 5g CPE

A mobile 5g CPE is ideal if you don’t want to do without fast internet while on the move. For example, you can use the Internet on vacation or a business trip. During a long drive, a router with a car charger cable is ideal to keep the kids busy.

Use of mobile WLAN routers

For which areas of application is a mobile WLAN router worthwhile?

Use at home

The internet is still very slow, especially in rural areas. A mobile WLAN router enables Internet access via LTE at home. The conventional DSL router can be replaced by the mobile WLAN router so that a faster Internet connection is available.

Setting up the mobile WIFI router

The wireless network via LTE or UMTS with a mobile WLAN router is easy to set up. First, the SIM card is inserted into the 5g CPE and the device is switched on. Then a PIN has to be entered, which can often be found online on a certain website.

More information can be found in the instructions. The WIFI connection is then encrypted so that not everyone can access the network. After a successful setup, you can dial into the Internet with the desired device via the router.

Mobile WIFI router provider

The mobile WLAN router is easy to purchase either individually or directly with the appropriate tariff. A router with a tariff is available for around 30 euros. Before buying the device, you should look for a suitable data plan. In addition to the classic telephone contracts, all providers also offer pure data tariffs.

5g CPE 2022

When choosing the right provider, on the one hand, price comparison of the tariffs should be made and, on the other hand, it is advisable to pay attention to the network coverage. This varies greatly depending on the provider and region.

5g CPE are available from the following providers, among others:

What should be considered when buying a mobile WIFI router?

Mobile WLAN routers are available with LTE or UMTS network coverage. It is advisable to choose a device with LTE, as this connection enables significantly faster Internet.

Before buying, you should also think about where the router will be common and choose the power supply accordingly. A device with a rechargeable battery should be common for mobile use.

For devices with battery operation, the battery is also important. The wireless router should have a running time of at least 8 hours. Some WLAN routers also offer additional functions. There are, for example, devices with an integrated multimedia server that enable the 5g CPE to be common as an external hard drive for photos or documents, for example.

Tips against weak WIFI

As mentioned earlier, common causes of a weak wireless signal include physical obstructions and too great a distance between the playback device and the router. Walls in particular can severely limit the signal strength.

The distance between the player or the wireless speakers and the router should therefore not be too great. Usually, it is right next to the telephone socket. Thanks to this position, you don’t have to lay longer cables. However, if the playback devices are too far away or behind obstacles, in the worst-case scenario, you will not get a good signal.

tips for optimal positioning of the router:

The 5g CPE should be located as centrally as possible in the apartment.

  • Door areas are better than corners.
  • Massive obstacles should not obstruct the view
  • access to the router in the immediate vicinity.
  • You can also get more tips against weak WIFI Streaming online manual!
  • If the stream breaks, it is often the router
  • The router provides the infrastructure
  • Do you have an up-to-date wireless router? Perfect. With this, you already fulfill a basic requirement for good and comfortable audio streaming.

Provide a stable network for the home office, allowing you to enjoy 5G speed.

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