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6 Pro Tips on how to install 5g WIFI 6 router?

2021.12.26 / By hqt

The best location of the Wi-Fi router in the apartment

5g WIFI 6 router

Hello, dear visitors to my blog! In today’s post, I will tell you where to put the 5g Wi-Fi 6 router in the apartment so that it transfers wi-fi better and covers the maximum area.

Please note: the make and model of the device are irrelevant – these recommendations will be equally effective for everyone.

Choosing a place in the apartment

To determine where in the apartment it is better to install a wireless router, you need to remember the basic physics course.

Radio waves propagate evenly in all directions from the radiation source. The correct location of the 5g Wi-Fi 6 router for one apartment is to place it in the center of the living space (for example, in the corridor).

If the wireless network is designed for different apartments, then it is better to mount the device closer to the wall. If the signal strength is not enough, I recommend using a repeater – an additional router that amplifies the signal of the base one.

The signal strength of the antenna

The distance that the wave travels before attenuation depends on the strength of the signal. A “standard” router without an additional antenna covers 15-20 meters.

Further, the signal strength decreases, so it is already problematic to use the Internet normally: the connection periodically breaks down, packages are lost, sites do not load, online games are freezing.

Different materials have different effects on the propagation of wi-fi waves: they differ in bandwidth.

It is best to install a router higher for signal strength

The worst radio waves are carried by capital walls made of monolithic concrete. It is best to install the router higher.

Alternative: the 5g Wi-Fi 6 router is at the level of the desktop, but the external antenna is raised to the maximum height.

There is no need to upgrade the device:

almost all modern devices have “ears” for fastening on nails or screws in the wall.

Only very strong guys can drive a nail into a solid concrete wall. For the rest, I recommend using a drill, dowels, and screws. Alternatively, you can use double-sided tape, which is glued all over the back of the router.

A year (or even more) will last, and then you can update the consumables. If this is an aesthetic outrage, place the router on top of a closet or hanger in the hallway.

Positions of the device’s antennas

And the last thing to consider is the position of the device’s antennas. It is best to install them vertically.

If the signal remains poor, you can play with the antennas. You can do it by changing the angle of their relative position and checking if the wireless network performance has improved.

If there are no changes, look for the “ideal place” from where the router will reach any point in the apartment. How to check the signal of a Wi-Fi router, read here.

Is it possible to put the router in a distribution box?

This solution is acceptable if the shield in which the 5g Wi-Fi 6 router will “live” is not metal, but, for example, plastic. It is interesting that some model’s breakthrough metal walls, but only if the shield is mounted in a wall made of foam blocks.

With such a dislocation, the router takes up less space, is not striking, and does not collect a lot of dust. If there are no more options, I advise you to bring the external antenna of the device out and attach it higher.

Where is it better not to put the router

Electrical equipment during operation creates interference that interferes with the propagation of radio waves. “Topchik” in this regard is a microwave oven.

If you often use this device, it is better not to put the router next to it. Also, avoid proximity to devices that operate at 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. These are the frequencies that dual-band access points use.

Waves generated by another device will overwhelm all the air and prevent the 5g Wi-Fi 6 router from working normally.

Do not place the router in front of mirrors or other reflective surfaces: behind them, the signal is worse or no signal at all.

Do not install the device behind a capital wall

Of course, it is difficult to install a router so that there are no obstacles between it and all network users. At least try not to install the device behind a capital wall.

ny communication channel and broadcast is no exception, is not “rubber”, therefore it has certain limitations in terms of parameters. One of these limitations, which at one time ran into engineers who create wireless devices – bandwidth.

Normal speed of the router

Today, 300 Mbps and more are normal speeds for 5g Wi-Fi 6 router. Five years ago, everything was different. Fiber-optic networks could provide the Internet at any speed, but routers simply choked with such data streams.

5g WIFI 6 router 2022

The Multiple Input Multiple Output technologies came to the rescue .

In simple terms, everything is almost always achieved by a system of several antennas. They are spaced so that they do not correlate with each other’s signals.

Wireless access points with antenna schemes

So, in a modern wi-fi router designed for high speed, you rarely see one antenna: there are at least two of them.

The exception is budget models, but the speed of information transfer there is frankly weak. Wireless access points with antenna schemes 1 × 1, 2 × 2, or 4 × 4 have performed well.

The latter is the most expensive and sophisticated “combines”, the MU of which reaches hypertrophied values.

Other features of the 5g WIFI 6 router

The technology also uses spatial multiplexing.  The data stream is compressed due to the simultaneous transmission of several packets in one clock cycle. It is logical that by transmitting two packets instead of one, the speed can be doubled.

MIMO is the main technology in the 802.11n Wi-Fi standard. It is due to such dense “packing” that the throughput of 54 Mbit / s was increased to 300 Mbit / s.


Such a standard can use both a basic channel width of 20 MHz and an extended link – up to 40 MHz.

At this speed, by connecting “over the air”, you can not only check your mail or read the news but also:

  • watch a movie online in high definition
  •  listen to Internet radio
  •  play a multiplayer game. 

Provide a stable network for the home office, allowing you to enjoy 5G speed.

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