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How to manage 5g Wi-Fi router easily? Pro Tips

2021.12.26 / By hqt

Restricting access to the Internet for a child and other users via a Wi-Fi router

Applying the recommendations given in this instruction, you can also restrict access to Wi-Fi to other users – for example, neighbours who do not want to pay for the Internet and therefore use yours.

Why exactly a 5g Wi-Fi router

Of course, today there is much software, paid and free, that, when fit, allows you to implement parental controls on a specific device.

The disadvantage of this solution is that a smart enough child who wants access to the Internet will certainly get it. Besides, good utilities that cannot be “fooled” cost good money – for example, Save Kids from Kaspersky Lab.

If the 5g Wi-Fi router is configured correctly, there is no need to “pick” each of the devices separately – it will provide access on a schedule and, if necessary, filter unwanted URLs.

Password is necessary for accessing the settings

Without knowing the password, it is impossible to access the settings menu of the router. In the event of a complete reset of the settings, which a child can do, you will have to reconfigure everything again, and you will not be able to access the Internet without this. This makes such “dancing with a tambourine” meaningless.

How to set up a scheduled shutdown on the router

Parental control of this type is required, for example, to provide access to the Internet for just a couple of hours – in the evening, when the lessons are done.

If there is no Internet access during the day, then there is no point in skipping school, or sticking to online games at home: it is better to skip it in another place – for example, in a park or some cafe.

First, you need to go to the 5g Wi-Fi router settings and configure the DHCP server. Also, to access this menu, enter the IP address in the address bar of your browser.

How to find a list of active connections

By default, the login and password, if you have not changed it, are the same – this is the word admin. The list of devices that connect to the router is easy to find in the DHCP section in the “Client List” tab.

As a rule, in addition to the assigned IP, any device also broadcasts its name, so it is not difficult to calculate it.

Next, we act depending on how exactly you need to configure Internet access. If you need to restrict access to all clients of the local network, it is enough to create a single rule – in the “Protection” section in the “Address filtering” tab. Here you need to specify:

  • Working hours – the interval during which the Internet is available;
  • Also, IP address – specify the range that all your home devices fall into;
  • Moreover, the action is to allow.

Manage access of 5g Wi-Fi router

The good thing about this method is that devices that do not belong to your workgroup will not be able to access the Internet at all. If you need to assign different access times for different devices, there is more than one rule.

We need to allow PC and laptop 24/7 access, tablet for a couple of hours from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m., and deny access to smartphones altogether. 

Furthermore, as you can see, you have to create only 3 rules in the settings, which will not take much time.

In case the devices each time they connect to the 5g Wi-Fi router receive new IP addresses, I recommend using the “Reserve” function to bind a specific address to a specific gadget once and for all.

How to block YouTube and other sites on 5g Wi-Fi router

To block any site on a Tenda router or a device of another brand, you must, as in the previous case, go to its settings by entering the IP address in the address bar of your browser and logging into your account.

Next, you need to find the “Parental Control” tab and in the window that opens, check the box or drag the switch to the Enabled position.

The next step is to install the parent device. If this is the computer from which you entered the settings, copy its MAC address from the MAC address of your PC field to the MAC Address of the Parental PC field. Then click the Add new button to add a device for which the restrictions is set.

How to block Internet access by MAC address

Copy the MAC address of the 5g Wi-Fi router you want to deny access to from this table.

Then go to the Wireless section and in the MAC Filtering item set its status to Enabled.

After clicking on the Add New button, enter the obtained MAC address.

I repeat that in different brands and even models of different years of the same brand, the names of the menu items and their location may differ.

Instructions for the 5g Wi-Fi router

In extreme cases, you can see exactly where what to look for in the instructions for the device.

Also, the articles “How to strengthen the signal of a wi-fi router using another” and “How to check the signal of a wi-fi router” is useful for you.

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How to connect two routers into one network

I recommend using devices of the same brand, no matter which one. The fact is that some devices of different brands are not always “friendly” with each other, even if you enter the correct settings.  connecting two 5g Wi-Fi routers there is almost nothing to configure on the main device.

The network cable is connected through the LAN port to the first router and the WAN slot on the repeater. In modern devices, everything is auto, so in most cases, the second router will immediately connect to the Internet through the first and distribute wi-fi.


If this does not happen, you should go to its settings by entering the IP address assigned to it in the address bar of the browser (you can see it in the Wireless tab of the first 5g Wi-Fi router) and perform a full reset.

Provide a stable network for the home office, allowing you to enjoy 5G speed.

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