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How to increase coverage of 5g wifi router with sim card slot?

2022.01.02 / By hqt

Strengthening the Wi-Fi signal using two routers

5g wifi router with sim card slot

Hello friends! In today’s instructions, I will tell you how to strengthen the signal of 5g wifi router with sim card slot. Moreover, you can do this using another router. Hence, it combines several access points into one network, what functions are responsible for this, and why such a configuration may be needed.

Two routers connected via Wi-Fi connection

Signal strength and medium impedance

The 5g wifi router with sim card slot is essentially a regular radio wave with a frequency of 2.4 or 5 GHz. As with any radio wave, the penetrating power depends on the medium in which it propagates. For example, a solid concrete wall conducts a signal much worse than a wooden or plasterboard partition.

It is not always possible to install the device so that its signal covers the entire room, or to demolish the interfering partition. In an apartment or house with a large area, this leads to the fact that the router, even equipped with a powerful external antenna, does not cover the entire room.

 Moreover, you will be able to surf the Internet in the living room, but not on the balcony. You can increase the coverage area using a repeater – a signal repeater that amplifies it. Two routers connected in series cover a much larger area than one such device.

How to connect two routers to one network via Wi-Fi?

The procedure is quite simple: you do not need to make any additional settings for the base access point. All “dancing with a tambourine” is conducted around the repeater. 5g wifi router with sim card slot must support the repeater mode or WDS technology, which is essentially the same thing.

These characteristics are usually indicated in the accompanying documentation for the device.

To make changes, you need to go to the settings of the additional router by entering its network address in the address bar of the browser.

How to operate 5g wifi router with sim card slot?

The required option usually comes in the “General” or “Administration” tab and is called “Repeater mode” or “Repeater mode”. After saving the settings, the device should reboot.

Generally, this will open the Network Settings tab, where all available wireless networks will be scanned. If you find the desired one, if the appropriate security settings are set, enter the login and password to connect.

In some device models, the WDS function must start forcibly, for which the corresponding checkbox sets in the Wi-fi settings.

So, we figured out how to connect a second 5g wifi router with sim card slot to enhance Wi-Fi communication. If everything comes correctly, no problems should arise.

In today’s post, I will tell you how to strengthen the signal of a wi-fi router at home, whether it is worth making an antenna for wi-fi with your own hands, how to increase the coverage area of ​​the router and how you can increase the signal strength in the settings.

Correct location of the 5g wifi router with sim card slot indoors

The distance to which the signal will be able to finish off depends largely on where the router locates in an apartment or office building.

Different materials conduct radio waves in different ways: for example, a solid reinforced concrete wall is significantly worse than a plasterboard partition. Furniture, decorative elements and consumer electronics also affect the passage of the wave.

One of the ways to improve the penetrating ability of radio waves is to remove all unnecessary obstacles in their path. Furthermore, if you cannot do this, make sure that the wave penetrates the obstacle strictly at a right angle.

How to increase coverage of 5g wifi router with sim card slot?

It is also possible to increase the coverage radius by choosing the correct deployment location for the 5g wifi router with sim card slot. Since the waves propagate from the router in a circle, the best option is to install it in the center of the room, for example, in a corridor.

5g wifi router with sim card slot 2022

Location of the wi-fi router in the apartment: Generally, you should not install this device next to other household appliances, as it dampens the signal a little.

How can I amplify in the settings?

Often the reason why a bad signal is due to the congestion of the air by other routers located nearby.

If they all work on the same frequency and on one channel, the air will simply “choke” from such an intense data flow. This is common in apartment buildings where each household uses their own router.

Although the router can automatically select the channel to use, sometimes you have to set it up manually.

To do this, go to the device settings, find the “Channel” or Channel tab and set the required value. Efficiency is easy to determine scientifically by testing the data transfer rate using a laptop or other wireless device.

How to adjust settings of 5g wifi router with sim card slot?

If after making the changes, there is no positive effect, change the channel again – the router settings allow you to use one of several.

Also, 5g wifi router with sim card slot is able to amplify a weak signal if you set the appropriate settings. Often out of the box, the power is assigned within 50%. Similarly, set the maximum value using the checkbox or slider (depends on the firmware of the router itself).

802.11n mode broadcasts a more powerful layer than all others – a, b, or g. However, such a standard must support by all connected wireless devices. Otherwise they will not gain access to the Network.802.11n wireless adapter. Moreover, after making any changes to the settings of the router, it must reboot.

Using a more powerful antenna

The “sore spot” of budget routers and some models of the middle price category is a frankly weak antenna. Moreover, it finishes only at a distance of no more than 10 meters.

Often this is not enough – for example, if you live in the private sector and like to surf the Internet while sitting in a gazebo. Similarly, if the antenna is detachable, you can disconnect it by connecting a stronger one.

Depending on where exactly you want to finish the signal, you can use an omnidirectional or directional antenna. In the case of an omnidirectional antenna, if the router installs near a wall or on a window, part of the wave goes “into the void”.


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Provide a stable network for the home office, allowing you to enjoy 5G speed.

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