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Does 5G Modem Worth in 2023?

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The 5G modem, or fifth-generation modem, is a device that provides 5G WiFi signals within the 5G network’s coverage. It is a router with a sim card slot that distributes wifi signals at mesmerizing speeds ranging from 500 to 1000 Mbps via the 5G data network. Unlike traditional routers that are tied up with a DSL cable or fiber optics, these routers with a SIM card slot just need 5G coverage using a 5G SIM.

However, the availability of 5G networks is not everywhere. We will discuss the availability of 5G network in the last.

How 5G technology works? Comparing 5G network from previous generations of cellular technology.

The invention of 5G technology is one of the biggest invention in the past few years. Since many years, 4G and 4G LTE were the fastest mobile networks than previous versions namely 3G or 2G networks.

The 3G that was introduced in 2002 by Verizon, got great popularity when smartphones were being introduced, meanwhile 4G that came in 2010 for public use didn’t took any longer to entertain the world with its fastest downloading and uploading speed and a wide availability.

The 4G LTE was the updated version of 4G that has some better properties, like even better speed, lower latency rate and improved bandwidth.

The benefits of using a 5G modem, such as faster internet speeds and lower latency.

Whether there is 4G or 5G cellular technology the most important is the modem or router that is design to take advantage of the cellular network to provide wireless internet. If the device itself is not sufficient to deal with latest network then you are simply wasting your time.

There are many 5G modems available in the market, but not all devices can work for you. This is a fact that 5G wifi modems are expensive so you must choose the right option. We will explain you about the different types of modems and routers with their use and their gadgets.

Choosing the best type of 5G modem

First: You need to make sure that you are within the coverage of a 5G network. It doesn’t mean that you have to be near the cellular tower but within radius.

Second: The number of devices going to connect simultaneously with the wireless modem or router.

Third: Think whether you need a portable wifi router, or a wired router can work for you?

Fourth: How far the wifi signals should go? Are you going to use it within house, outdoor, or in a company?

Once you conclude it for your requirements, there are different types of 5G modems that are available like Huawei CPE PRO, and Sailsky 5G Modems that works same as Huawei but in slight cheaper price.

External Antennas for 5G Modem and why should you use them?

For those living far from the cellular tower, should consider using an external antenna. These external antennas are of two types: Directional Antenna and Omni-directional Antenna.

The directional antenna is placed outside facing the 5g cellular tower in order to catch maximum signals and transmit to 5G modem. It works like a receiver between the modem and source.

The Omni directional antenna can be placed anywhere at the top of the house, or building. It can receive signals from any directional and boost them for a 5G modem.

The process of setting up and using a 5G modem.

There’s no rocket science when setting up or configuring a 5G modem. Once you purchase a modem you just need to put in the 5G supported and data subscribed sim card in the dedicated slot. Then switch on the router by attaching adapter with the modem. Within few minutes it will start generating wifi wireless signals and you can connect with it by entering the password printed at the back of the modem router.

Note: You can also learn how to change the SSID and password of the 5G modem here.

Tips for optimizing your 5G modem’s performance and getting the most out of your 5G network.

The placement of the 5G modem in the home is one of the most important factor that can affect the performance of the internet. Consider placing the router in a center room or hall so the wireless signals can disperse in all the directions. Placing a modem router far from the window or in a closed room can weak the power of modem to catch 5G network.

Limitations of 5G internet.

Apart from high speed, low latency rate, powerful modems that can connect +50 users at the same time; there’s also some disadvantages of a 5G internet. In the busy cities, the towers of 5G are not enough to entertain all the modems and routers. This creates a burden, and hence the rated 5G speed is dropped.  

The availability of 5G is another big issue. Not all countries have 5G so people rely on 4G LTE. Even in the cities that have 5G tower installed, doesn’t provide enough signal strength. Therefore, some part of the same city remain uninfluenced.

The modems of 5G are expensive, and data rates are slightly higher than before. Choosing a right modem could be a hurdle for you, that’s why we suggest you choosing Sailsky 5G modem that is cheaper in price, with 1 year warranty and supports all the bandwidths.

5G coverage map

This is 5G coverage map for 2022.

Note: Talk with your service provider about the latest 5G coverage in your area.

5g coverage map
5G coverage map


The 5G modems are the devices that connects with a 5G network and provides 5G wireless internet. The newest technology internet provides fastest downloading and uploading speeds thanks to a very low latency rates. Choosing an appropriate modem could be hurdle for you, but sailsky offers all-rounder 5G modem that you can buy in affordable price.

Provide a stable network for the home office, allowing you to enjoy 5G speed.

Customize your own model now: sales@sailskywifi.com

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