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In Addition to Speed, What Can 5G Bring?

2021.08.21 / By hqt

As a general-purpose technology, the economic value of 5G is not only reflected in the creation of huge wealth, but also in the transformation and upgrading of other industries and fields, bringing about all-around changes in social production and life.

First, subvert the value system. For example, the 5G low-latency feature makes unmanned driving possible. The on-demand, on-demand rental economy or the replacement of traditional car purchase and usage models will reduce the importance of vehicle manufacturers. The importance of this is highlighted, and car value-added services such as entertainment and office will continue to emerge. 


Second, improve production efficiency. For example, with 5G technology to realize the interconnection of all things, the production system represented by the smart factory will be able to sense the position and status of parts, equipment and products anytime and anywhere, and timely deliver parts, dispatch production and product delivery, while real-time Equipment monitoring, product operation status operation and maintenance, maintenance and other services. 

Third, promote technological innovation. For example, after the Internet of Everything will generate more data, some artificial intelligence models that are slow to develop due to the scale of data will be optimized to promote the development of artificial intelligence applications; virtual reality technology makes product development and design more efficient and intuitive.

In addition, since the Internet of Everything is possible in the 5G era, production equipment, home, vehicles, infrastructure, and public services will all be connected by the network. Therefore, 5G has become an important support for personal safety, production safety, economic security, and national defense security.

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