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 5 Reasons to Buy Mesh wifi Router in 2022

2022.01.29 / By hqt

Mesh wifi Router

What is a Mesh wifi router? What is the working principle and function of the product? These are the key issues that you need to find out when you need to install equipment. By equipping with important information, users will know how to choose the right product. At the same time minimize problems that may occur during the use of Wifi Router.

What is a mesh wifi router?

We will easily understand what is the concept of Wifi Router? This is a network device commonly installed in households, offices, hospitals and many other areas.

More specifically, a Mesh wifi router is a device that allows users to share the internet connection with other devices such as laptops, phones and tablets. The above connection is made via wireless or wired transmission.

By using the wi-fi signal from the device, you can access the internet to read newspapers, watch movies and play video games comfortably. During that process, you don’t need to worry about running out of space like 3G.

How is Mesh wifi router different from Wifi Modem?

Currently there are many people confused between Mesh wifi router and Wifi Modem. So you need to distinguish the difference between the two smart devices. But specifically what is the difference between Wifi Modem and Wifi Router?

First, a Wifi Modem is a device that connects to the network with ISPs via phone lines, Coax or external connections to Ethernet. Meanwhile, the Mesh wifi router is the gateway to share the Internet connection for devices such as laptops, phones and tablets.

The second difference is that the Wifi Modem provides the “multi-component box” for the wireless Internet. Inside this box includes Modem, Router, Switch and WAP. Based on this, you will easily establish computer network connections

Inside mesh wifi router

However, inside the wireless Wifi Router, it is different. So what are the components included in the router? The product includes the same components as the Wifi Modem but without the Modem. Instead, the Mesh wifi router is equipped with a WAN port and an Internet port. This is the area that helps users connect individual modems to transceivers.

Structure and working principle of Wifi Router

Each Wi-fi Router has a different design to appeal to user tastes and increase better broadcasting, but in general, the overview devices include the following typical indispensable features:

WAN port: usually the number is 1. In some dedicated routers, there will be 2 WAN ports. The WAN port is a port that is usually blue or yellow for easy identification). The task of the WAN port is to create a private network layer, granting the IP range according to the Default Gateway.

LAN port connection with mesh wifi router

 Most routers today have 2 or more LAN ports. LAN port you can connect from the main modem to terminal devices such as laptops, computers, televisions, etc. to use the Internet via network cable. The LAN port also has many different speeds: there are 10/100Mbps, 10/100/1000Mbps, etc. to meet high transmission speeds.

Antennas: Antennas on the Router have two types: external antennas and underground antennas. Currently, routers have external antennas, the more antennas they have, the stronger the mesh wifi router broadcast will be.

In addition to the LAN, WAN connection ports, antennas, power ports and some specialized buttons, signal lights are parts of the router’s external structure. As for the extremely complicated internal structure, including:


CPU, IC set to receive and decode, process input and output signals

LAN port signal transmission block

Antennas receive and transmit signals Inductive transformer

Working principle of Wi-Fi Router

In order for a Wi-Fi Router to work and broadcast Wi-Fi in the area of ​​use, the Wi-Fi Router first needs to connect to a Modem. This modem will be connected to the Internet connection of network providers. You need to distinguish between a modem and a mesh wifi router to avoid confusion here.

Between the modem and the Wi-Fi Router will be connected via a network cable from the LAN port on the main modem through the WAN or LAN ports depending on the operating mode you use.

 The devices in the network all have a separate IP, the Router will help route and transmit packets in the Internet environment in the most accurate way.

The data transmission time in the Wi-Fi Router is done in a very short period of time, which will not interrupt the transmission or disconnect when using Internet services.

The Wi-fi router will be responsible for sending packets between 2 or more network systems together. It is a Wi-Fi hotspot so that receiving devices such as phones, computers, and televisions can connect via Wi-Fi waves or lan to be able to connect and use Internet services.

Functions of Wifi Router

From the application of the Wifi Router, we will easily know what the main function of the Mesh wifi router is? In more detail, the device undertakes the task of sending network data packets between two or more different wi-fi networks.

Thanks to this function, the wifi router can connect to wi-fi for smart devices such as phones and tablets. In addition, the device also has the ability to connect well with laptops, desktop computers and even TVs.

How to choose a good Wifi Router?

Currently, Mesh wifi router devices are mass-produced to serve user needs. Product prices range is also different depending on the brand of the manufacturer. This is also one of the factors that determine the quality of the product, but not all.

According to the experience of many experts, customers should choose products equipped with wifi speed suitable for the service line. Depending on your needs for household or common area use, choose to buy equipment with corresponding specifications.

It is important that everyone should choose Wifi Routers from reputable brands like sailsky.


So, the detailed information in the article has given users a detailed look at what is the mesh wifi router problem? What is the structure and principle of the product? The important thing to do is to carefully remember the instructions for choosing to buy smart devices, to own a quality product line.

Provide a stable network for the home office, allowing you to enjoy 5G speed.

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