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How is wireless access point different from 4g Wifi Modem?

2022.01.29 / By hqt

With the development of telecommunications technology, the demand for internet and electronic devices is increasing day by day. On the market today, there are many wifi transmitters that make consumers hesitate to choose which type to choose. So what is wireless access point and how does it function?

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wireless access point

4g Wifi modem and wireless access point

Currently there are many people confused between wireless Access point and 4g Wifi Modem. So you need to know the difference between the two clever devices. But for example, the unique difference between 4g Wifi Modem and wireless Access point?

First, 4g Wifi Modem is a device that connects the network with ISPs via touch phone lines, Coax or external Ethernet links. Meanwhile, the wireless access point is the gateway to share the Internet link for devices such as laptops, touch phones and tablets.

 The second unique feature is the 4g Wifi Modem that distributes the “multi-component box” for the wireless Internet. . Inside this box, there are Modem, Router, Switch and WAP. Based on this, you will easily establish computer network links

However, inside the wireless Access point, it is different. So what are the components included in the router? The product includes the same components as the 4g Wifi Modem but without the Modem. Instead, the wireless access point comes with a WAN port and an Internet port. This is the area that helps users connect individual modems to transceivers.

Structure and working principle of wireless Access point

Each Wi-Fi Router has a different design style to appeal to user tastes and increase broadcasting capacity better. In general, the overview devices include outstanding typical features.

Working principle of Wi-Fi Router

In order for a wireless access point to work for entertainment and Wi-Fi broadcasting in the area of ​​use, the pioneer Wi-Fi Router needs to be linked to a Modem.

This modem will be linked to the Internet connection of network providers. You need to distinguish between the modem and the Wi-fi Router to avoid confusion here. Between the modem and the Wi-fi Router will be linked through a network cable that connects from the LAN port on the main modem through custom WAN or LAN ports.

The devices in the network all have a separate IP. Moreover, it has nothing to do with each other, the Router will help route the route as well as transmit the packet in nature and the Internet environment in the most correct way.

The document transmission time in the Wi-fi Router comes in a very short period of time. Moreover, it will not interrupt the transmission or disconnect the connection when using Internet services. The Wi-fi router will be responsible for sending the packet between two or more network systems.

 It is a Wi-Fi hotspot so that receiving devices such as:

  • Smartphones
  •  Computers
  •  and televisions can completely link through Wi-Fi or LAN waves to fully connect and use services.

Functions of wireless access point

From the application of the wireless access point, we will easily know what the main function of the wireless Access point is. In more detail, the device undertakes the task of sending network data packets between two or more different wi-fi networks.

Thanks to this feature, the wireless Access point can completely link wi-fi for smart devices such as touch phones and tablets. In addition, the device also has the ability to link well with computers, desktops and even televisions.

A wireless access point is a networking device that allows Wi-Fi devices to connect to a wired network. The WAP can physically connect to the router or integrate itself into the router. WAP is not an access point, because an access point is a physical location with a Wi-Fi to WLAN connection available.

  • Wi-Fi: Wi-Fi is a technology that allows smartphones or computers to access the Internet via a wireless connection. Wi-Fi uses radio signals to send and receive data between the Wi-Fi-enabled device and the WAP.
  • SSID: A service identifier (commonly known as an SSID) is the special name of a wireless network. You must know the name of the wireless network to connect to. Your computer or smartphone can search for available wireless networks; usually, people give their network name for easy identification, the name can be “Bob’s phone” or “Hotel guest” or even “Don’t touch my LAN”.

How to get best results from wireless access point?

Depending on your location and the type of wireless access point near you, you can use an open, unsecured wireless network connection. You may go to sign up for an account or use a paid service with multiple Wi-Fi access plans depending on how long you plan to use the Internet.

However, there are times when you cannot find a Wi-Fi hotspot near you.

Use your smartphone as a mobile hotspot

If you’re in a location that doesn’t have a hotspot and you want to connect your laptop to the Internet, you can use your phone as a portable wireless access point through a process called “connection sharing.” connection”. This procedure allows the laptop to access the Internet and share the smartphone’s data connection.

How to operate wireless access points with smartphone?

Although the installation steps vary by smartphone and Internet service provider, you can usually see instructions in your phone’s Settings menu or Manage Connections.

For security, you need to make sure you use a Wi-Fi password. Hence, nearby Internet users can’t access your phone or laptop.

You also need to know that sharing your phone’s mobile network connection with your laptop will use up your phone’s data capacity. Hence, keep an eye on your usage to avoid any additional fees.

So, the detailed information in the article has given users a detailed look at what is the wireless access point problem. What is the structure and principle of the product? The important thing to do is to carefully remember the instructions for choosing to buy smart devices, to own a quality product line.

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