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Which is the best Outdoor WiFi CPE in 2022?pros & Cons

2022.01.29 / By hqt

What is Outdoor WiFi CPE?

Outdoor WiFi CPE is a wireless network system that uses radio waves. Think of it like cell phones, radio and television. Wifi is an indispensable connection for phones, laptops or popular electronic devices today.

The wifi system can be set up in public places such as: airports, restaurants, hotels, cafes or right in your own home.

cpe router

When connected to wifi, you can access the internet in this area without having to use a cable.

2. Working principle of Outdoor WiFi CPE

Outdoor WiFi CPE works on the principle of 2-way communication principle.

Equipment required:

Router (transceiver device): most routers have coverage within a radius of 30.5 m.

Adapter (wireless signal converter on mobile devices): this is a device that allows you to capture wifi columns located in the area the router emits.

How does Outdoor WiFi CPE works?

A router is a device that receives information from the Internet over a wired connection, then converts it to a radio signal and sends it out.

The adapter will receive the signal that the router converts, and then decode it to the necessary data. For example: you search for news, watch movies, listen to music.

Moreover, we can do the process in reverse: The Outdoor WiFi CPE will receive the radio signals from the adapter, then decode them and send them over the Internet.

For example: when you upload a video to youtube, upload a photo to facebook

3. Wifi connection standards

The connection standard of Wifi is 802.11 in the IEEE library, including 4 sub-standards (a/b/g/n).

As follows:

+ 802.11b : This standard is cheap, works weakly (2.4GHz) and can handle up to 11 megabits/sec.

+ 802.11g: This standard is 1 bit stronger than standard b. It operates at 2.4GHz but can handle 54 megabits per second.

+ 802.11a: This standard operates at 5GHz frequency and 54 megabit/s processing speed.

+ 802.11n: This standard operates on the 2.4GHz frequency but the processing speed can be up to 300 megabits per second.

+ 802.11ac: This standard operates at 5GHz frequency and t1730 megabit/s processing speed.

Frequency of Outdoor WiFi CPE

It can be seen that the operating frequency of Outdoor WiFi CPE is much higher than that of mobile phones, television, radio, etc. The operating frequency of wifi is from 2.5GHz to 5GHz.

Note: High frequency allows carrying more data but limited transmission range. For low frequencies the reverse is true.

4. Wifi transmitter

There are two types of wifi transmitters on the market today:

  1. Fixed wifi transmitter (modem, router).
  2. Mobile wifi transmitter (3G/4G).

The simplest way that people often do to access the Internet is to use SIM cards registered for 3G/4G of carriers such as:

The fixed type you often see in cafes, restaurants, hotels, or in your own home is more powerful than portable transmitters.

4.1 What is a portable Outdoor WiFi CPE?

Outdoor WiFi CPE

Mobile Outdoor WiFi CPE is good to transmit Internet to connectable devices such as: laptop, phone, using 3G/4G SIM of network operators. It will broadcast Wifi to the devices you are using.


Portable wifi transmitters will be especially useful when you travel or go to places where there is no internet. It will broadcast wifi anywhere, serving your essential needs.

Features and structure:

  • Compact structure, no need for wires, can be carried anywhere.
  • They use batteries, have sim card slots.

Superior features:

+ Compact structure is a big advantage, this helps you take it anywhere such as: backpacking, traveling, and picnic.

+ When using a 4G wifi transmitter with stable wifi speed, playing games, surfing the web, watching movies without lag.

+ Can share wifi for everyone to share without fear of lag (up to 10 people).

+ Uses energy from rechargeable batteries, laptop power.

+ Set up internet in the blink of an eye.

+ Easy management via apps.


+ Operates only from 8 am to 10 pm

4.2. What is a fixed Outdoor WiFi CPE?

Fixed Outdoor WiFi CPE is common in airports, restaurants, hotels, companies, or in your own home. Moreover, we divide into 3 different types:

  1. Access Point
  2.  Wireless Modem
  3. Wireless Router.


+ Strong line speed, operating at 5 GHz frequency with good anti-interference.


+ Fixed range can’t move far.

The function of the Outdoor WiFi CPE is to share the internet connection to electronic devices such as computers, laptops, and phones.

6. What is a wifi modem?

Wifi modem is a device best to connect to an Internet provider’s network.

The function of the modem is to convert the data packets provided by the ISP into an Internet connection for the router or devices connected via copper or fiber cables. Furthermore, we can say modem is the superior of the router.

What is the working principle and function of the product?

 These are the key issues that you need to find out when you need to install equipment. By equipping with important information, users will know how to choose the right product. At the same time minimize problems that may occur during the use of Outdoor WiFi CPE.

We will easily understand what is the concept of Wifi Router? According to computer experts, Wifi Router is also known as wifi router. This is a network device commonly installed in households, offices, hospitals and many other areas.

How to connect with Outdoor WiFi CPE?

Connecting to the wireless access point is a simple process. Let’s take the smartphone as an example. You want to reply to emails at the airport while you wait for your flight and you don’t want to use your mobile data.

 You can set your smartphone to notify you when you are in an area with a wireless network connection, or you can find wireless network connections through your phone’s settings. The steps you need to take to connect to a Wi-Fi hotspot depend on your device like Android*, iPhone*, or other brand, but here are general guidelines.

Why should we buy Outdoor WiFi CPE?

More specifically, a Outdoor WiFi CPE is a device that allows users to share internet links with other devices such as computers, smartphones and tablets.

The above link is deployed via wireless or wired transmission. By using wi-fi waves from the device, you can completely access the internet to read newspapers, watch movies and play video games freely. . During that process, you do not need to worry about factors that run out of space halfway like 3G.

Provide a stable network for the home office, allowing you to enjoy 5G speed.

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