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Where Is The Best Place To Put Your Outdoor WIFI CPE?

2023.02.13 / By hqt

Outdoor WIFI CPE is a device that is used to connect you to the WIFI network. This device is specially designed for outdoor use and can be installed anywhere where there is a power outlet. It can also be used in residential homes, offices, and other commercial places.

What Is An Outdoor WIFI CPE? How Does It Work?

An outdoor WIFI CPE is a radio device used to connect an Internet service provider (ISP) to a customer. It’s a simple device that acts as a hub between the ISP and the Internet.

Outdoor WIFI CPE

The WIFI CPE is often referred to as an “antenna” or “access point” but those terms can be confusing to people who aren’t tech-savvy. The antenna is the part of your phone or laptop that picks up wireless signals, and an access point is any wireless network device that connects you to the internet. They’re both different things but they do have some similarities — like how they need power, for example.

In simple terms, an outdoor WIFI CPE is a small piece of hardware that does two things:

  • 1. It sends information from your home or office to your ISP so you can get it online.
  • 2. It sends information from your ISP back down to you so you can browse websites and stream videos.

There are many different types of Outdoor WIFI CPE units available in the market, industrial-grade, enterprise-grade, and consumer-grade. The difference between the three is in their construction and durability.

For example, enterprise-grade Outdoor WIFI CPE units are usually more powerful than consumer-grade products, so they can deliver faster speeds. But since enterprise-grade units are designed for large networks with many devices connected to them, they often cost more than consumer-grade units do.

For an instance, Sailsky’s enterprise-level Outdoor WIFI CPE SY200 has a 100M network interface, and the wireless processing speed at 2.4 GHz can reach 300 Mbps. The MIMO technology it adopts allows it to better improve the efficiency of network usage within the enterprise.

What Will Affect The Installation Location Of Outdoor WIFI CPE?

Sailsky’s Outdoor WIFI CPE is widely loved by consumers. It is easy to use and has many advantages, such as flexible configuration, low power consumption, high reliability, and ruggedization. However, when choosing a location for outdoor WIFI CPE installation, we must consider several factors.

The distance from the building:

The first factor that will affect the installation location of outdoor WiFi CPE is the distance from the building. If there is a place with good signal coverage and low interference, the best choice for installation location is determined by the distance from the building. The closer it is to the building, the better signal quality can be obtained.

Physical obstacles:

The second factor that will affect the installation location of outdoor WiFi CPE is related to physical obstacles. If there are many physical obstacles around it, then it is necessary to install it in an open place to ensure that there will be no signal degradation due to these obstacles. For example, if there are trees or walls around it, it must be set up in an open area so that its signal can reach all parts without any obstacles.

Environmental factors:

The third factor that will affect the installation location of outdoor WiFi CPE is related to environmental factors such as weather conditions and temperature changes. It is necessary to choose an appropriate place following these factors so as not to cause any damage to equipment or cause interference with other wireless equipment.

Where Is The Best Place To Put Your Outdoor WIFI CPE?

After understanding the factors that affect the location of installing Outdoor WIFI CPE, we can continue to understand which locations are most suitable for placing it.

To give an example, if you want to place an Outdoor WIFI CPE in the factory area you manage, some of the following places are suitable for placement, and others are not:

Places are suitable for placement:

  • The roof of a building. This is because it can be installed on the roof or even in a small room. Moreover, the roof is usually not crowded with cables and wires, so this is a good place to install an Outdoor WIFI CPE.
  • A large open space such as a warehouse or parking lot. This is because it has enough space for installing many Outdoor WIFI CPEs at once. It also helps to reduce interference between different devices because there are fewer obstacles between them than in other places.
  • An area where there are no obstacles like trees or buildings. This is because these objects may interfere with signals from your device and cause it to have poor coverage in certain areas.

Places are NOT suitable for placement:

  • However, it’s best to avoid areas that are too far from the nearest cellular tower. This is because your device will have poor coverage if there is no signal available nearby.
  • Also, a location that is not in direct sunlight. This is because it can get extremely hot and this can affect your device’s battery life.

However, Sailsky’s Outdoor WIFI CPE comes in a dust and water-resistant enclosure. This can withstand 24/7 sunlight, rain, and dust, making it suitable for a variety of outdoor work environments.

What Is The Range Of An Outdoor WIFI CPE?

The range of an outdoor WiFi CPE depends on many factors, such as the type of antenna used and the environment in which it is placed. In most cases, the range can be extended by using an external antenna.

Sailsky’s Outdoor WIFI CPE SY200 can perform long-distance data transmission and reception within a distance of 1KM+. This long-distance range is very suitable for medium-sized and large-scale outdoor work sites, such as:

  • -Oil and gas field exploration.
  • -Large construction projects, such as bridge building.
  • -Railway line laying works.

Provide a stable network for the home office, allowing you to enjoy 5G speed.

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