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Sailsky WLAN Hotspot Access Point Controller
Sailsky WLAN Hotspot Access Point Controller

Sailsky WLAN Hotspot Access Point Controller Gateway for Manage WiFi Users

Model: T2000 AC Controller/Gateway

T2000 is a WLAN controller for wireless AP produced by Shenzhen Shuotian, it can manage, control, and monitor 50PCS AP in the same networking diagram simultaneously. It makes the small area wifi solution in the hotel, school, industrial, supermarket, restaurant easier in setting, control and monitor, human cost saved in much.

Key Features:

  • Detect wireless AP auto, max 50PCS wireless AP can be managed.
  • Support Web management and Web remote management.
  • Gigabit WAN/LAN Port, QoS function support, work as Gateway in the network.
  • Variety security method to guarantee networking safety.

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Product model  T2000
Chipset  MTK  MT7621
Flash  16MB
RAM  256MB
  •  1×10/100/1000M WAN
  •  4 ×10/100/1000M LAN
  •  DC: 12V 1A
  •  SDK Firmware
  •  OPENWRT Firmware
Basic features
  •  Managed AP QTY Max: 100
  •  Access End Users QTY Max: 150
Accessory User manual, power adapter,  mount accessory
Protocol SNMP
DDR DDR3 2048Mb (256MB)
Power supply 100-240V~ 50/60Hz

Sailsky WLAN Hotspot Access Point Controller Gateway for Manage WiFi Users

Now manage Wifi users with perfection and a more stable connection by using Sailsky WLAN Hotspot. Sailsky WLAN Hotspot Access Point Controller Gateway for Manage WiFi Users comes up with endless features because advance technology has been use in its manufacturing.

This is proven to be perfect for the places where you want to manage, control, and monitor almost 150 PCS at a time.  For AP detection there is not any rocket science. Even you don’t have to go for the extra mile because its design is capable of auto-detect the wireless AP.

Another great thing that you rarely got to see in other controllers is that it Supports Web management and Web remote management.

When it comes to its physical interface it contains  1×10/100/1000M WAN, 4 ×10/100/1000M LAN, DC: 12V 1A.

It has the capability to manage round about AP QTY Max: 100, and access End Users QTY Max: 150.

It is not messy at all because only the User manual, power adapter, mount accessory is require.

This device is perfect for providing your office staff with a super reliable and stable network connection.

With the help of this device you can extend range easily. For example, if you want to enjoy the internet in the courtyard then instead of paying a whole new internet line from your ISP to invest into buying this device and extend your internet reach to wherever you want.


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