SWlan Wireless Access Point Controller

Sailsky High Quality Wireless Access Point WLAN AP Controller and Hotspot Gateway for Hotel WiFi

Model: ZK1060F AC Controller/Gateway

ZK1060F is a medium and large-scale enterprise use gateway based on CAPWAP protocol. Built-in Intel CPU, configured with up to 4 Gigabit WAN ports, with WAN port load balancing, multi-operator access, line backup, network overlay, policy routing and other multi-WAN features.

Key Features:

  • Multi-WAN and multi-WAN port load balancing.
  • Online behavior control and intelligent flow control.
  • VLAN management.
  • Cloud platform access and authentication.
  • Cloud platform access and authentication.
  • Zero configuration and grouping.
  • Built-in intelligent channel analyzer.
  • Automatically assign an IP address to the wireless AP.

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Chipset  Intel 1037
Flash  2G
RAM  32G
  •  3×10/100/1000M WAN
  •  2×10/100/1000M LAN
  •  2 × USB2.0 Ports
  •  AC:100~240V
  • SDK Firmware
  • OPENWRT Firmware
Basic Features
  •  Managed AP QTY Max: 1000
  •  Access End Users QTY Max: 1000
Firmware Features
  • WLAN controller, gateway, and authentication server together.
  • Auto-discovery wireless AP and assign the IP address, zero configure SSID, password, channel, RF power, or upgrade firmware, restart, reset web management, or remote management.
  • Gateway support PPPoE/dynamic IP/static IP/PPTP, load balance, ethernet line backup, ethernet superimposed, user behavior control and QoS, VLAN management, and powerful firewall-like ort mapping, IP filter, URL filter, MAC filter, DMZ.
  • Support cloud server access for remote control and captive port authentication like Google/Facebook/SMS/WeChat/Member Login.
Accessory  User manual, power cord, mount accessory

Sailsky High-Quality Wireless Access Point WLAN AP Controller and Hotspot Gateway for Hotel WiFi

Sailsky High-Quality Wireless Access Point WLAN AP Controller and Hotspot Gateway especially come into being for hotel Wifi. This is for large-scale enterprises gateway. Though in the market you will get to see a lot of wireless access points but this one has been equipped with a built-in channel analyzer.

This feature makes it unique from other wireless access points. It is made by using premium quality material this is why it is durable and can withstand all seasonal changes.

Its installation is super easier; no rocket science is need because it has the capability to automatically assign IP addresses to wireless AP.

Physically its appearance is not messy at all and looks quite attractive. Its physical interface contains, 3×10/100/1000M WAN, 2×10/100/1000M LAN, 2 × USB 2.0 Ports,  AC: 100~240V.

When it comes to its basic features then it comes up with Managed AP QTY Max: 1000, Access End Users QTY Max: 1000.

Chipset Intel 1037 has been install into it that makes it more advance and always ends up providing a stable connection. We assure you that Sailsky High-Quality Wireless Hotspot Gateway for Hotel WiFi is totally worth your money. So don’t wait and buy it for providing a stable connection to your customers. You will be getting exactly what you are paying for.


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