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Sailsky BL535RQ IEEE802.11acbgn 750Mbps Dual Band in Wall WiFi Access Point 48V POE Mini AP 100mw Hotspot for Hotel

Model: BL535RQ Indoor Access Point Wireless Access Point

Key Features:

  • 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz dual-band wireless service using professional industrial Qualcomm chipsets
  • The maximum wireless rate is up to 750Mbps, which provides good wireless access for people-flow-intensive
  • Use the in-wall AP, and say goodbye to the winding wiring, so that the room is clean and not messy
  • 86 Size Style in-wall AP, powerful coverage, solve the problem of room WIFI layout
  • Support seamless roaming, that is, when the user walks from point A to point B, it will automatically connect to WIFI. The coverage is larger
  • Support IEEE 802.3at standard PoE, can achieve 80〜100 meters network cable power supply,
    plus ceiling type shell design, easy to install

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Size & Weight

Chipset Qualcomm, QCA9531+QCA9887
Shell material ABS
Frequency 2.4Ghz+5Ghz
Standard IEEE 802.11g/b/n/ac
Transmission rate 750Mbps speed
Memory DDR 128M/FLASH 16M
Antenna Build-in omni 2dBi antenna
Power supply 48V POE
Mounting methods In-wall mounting
Coverage distance 100 meters
RF power 100mW
QTY of users Max 64, recommend 32
Warranty 18 months
Certification CE, ROHS

Sailsky BL535RQ IEEE802.11acbgn 750Mbps Dual Band in Wall WiFi Access Point 48V POE Mini AP 100mw Hotspot for Hotel

Sailsky BL535RQ IEEE802.11acbgn 750Mbps Dual Band in Wall WiFi Access Point 48V POE Mini AP 100mw Hotspot especially comes into being for office cubical and hotel room and allows guests to enjoy their own private Wi-Fi network. It has the capability to provide boosted WiFi speeds up to 750 Mbps. If you want to experience long-range coverage with advanced wireless technologies then this must be your first priority.

When it comes to installation, management, and operation it is extremely easier to do it. There is no need to spend more time and money hiring a professional.

The best thing about this device is that you get rid of wires because by making use of in-wall AP you can use it. Its graceful design will keep your room beautiful and clean. Its ceiling-type design makes it more reliable no rocket science is needed in its installation.

Another great quality about this device is that it connects the user automatically because of larger coverage.


Its shell material is ABS which makes it durable enough to withstand any temperature and seasonal changes. Qualcomm, QCA9531+QCA9887 chipset has been installed into it, this is the reason behind its advanced features and quick response time.

Its frequency rate is 2.4Ghz+5Ghz and its built-in omni 2dBi antenna always ends up providing efficient and better performance.

Its coverage distance is up to a hundred meters. If the user is under this range then this device will automatically connect itself to it.

It can connect up to a maximum of 64 users at a time without compromising on signal quality. Lastly, we want to add on that it comes up with 12 months warranty, in case if any you are not satisfied with any feature or found any issue within 12 months then you can replace it. Sailsky will be  availabled for the replacement.

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