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Sailsky BL85HW 300Mbps 2.4GHz QCA9531 Outdoor CPE Long Range WiFi Hotspot Wireless Access Point

Outdoor Access Point Wireless Access Point

Key Features:

  • The maximum wireless rate is up to 300Mbps, which provides good wireless access for people-flow-intensive
  • Use Qualcomm QCA9531 chipsets to provide you with a better experience with professional industrial Qualcomm chipsets
  • With 64 users and the transmission rate is greatly improved
  • Outdoor work is not afraid of severe cold and heat, rain and sun protection can work normally at -40 ℃
  • 2 external antennas, 360 WIFI omnidirectional coverage to solve different scenarios

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Chipset Qualcomm QCA9531
Frequency 2.4Ghz
Memory DDR 128M/FLASH 16M
Standard IEEE 802.11g/b/n
Transmission rate 300Mbps speed
Mounting methods Wall mounting, pole mounting
Coverage distance 200 meters
Antenna 2*external antenna
Power supply 48V POE
IP rating IP66 rating
Certification CE, ROHS

Sailsky BL85HW 300Mbps 2.4GHz QCA9531 Outdoor CPE Long Range WiFi Hotspot Wireless Access Point

Sailsky BL85HW 300Mbps 2.4GHz QCA9531 Outdoor CPE Long Range WiFi Hotspot Wireless Access Point never fails to provide good wireless access. This device is special because of the high gain antennas, premium quality material, specially designed enclosures, and the advanced chipset.

This is well known because of its flawless outdoor use in any climate. Because of special antennas, this device ensures lower noise interference. It is ideal for long-distance transmission. At a time, almost 64 users are able to connect with it, the transmission rate is simply amazing.

You can install it in any climate whether there’s cold, heat or rain, or humidity there is no need to be a worry at all because it has been designed in such a way that it can withstand seasonal changes. It can even work normally at -40 degrees centigrade.

Qualcomm QCA9531, QCA9531 chipset, and 2.4GHz frequency is actually game-changer. Its transmission rate is 300Mbps speed with a stable network.

When it comes to installation then you can go for Wall mounting as well as pole mounting. You can choose the one that is reliable for you.

It has the capability to cover up all 200 meters so if you and your users are under this range then you can enjoy a smooth connection.

Don’t wait and buy this affordable Outdoor CPE Long Range WiFi Hotspot. It’s worth buying for offices, admin IT, and commercial as well as residential purposes.

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