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A powerful Tool For Increasing Internet Speed: WIFI 6 Router

2022.02.26 / By hqt

What the router is for?

When it comes to technology, many people have doubts about terms and devices, for example, the WIFI 6 router. Although it is essential, it is not uncommon for people to not know what the router is for.

Understanding how the device works help you choose the best product for your needs and, of course, have a satisfactory internet connection.

What is the WIFI 6 router and what is it for?

The router is a device good for computer network connections. As its name implies, it forwards the information contained in data packets, finding the best routes to connect devices (computers, smartphones, tablets, etc.) to the internet.

Thus, the main character is, precisely, to seek better routes for sending and receiving data, being able, for this, to prioritize shorter or less congested transmissions.

The WiFi 6 router refers to a router that supports the sixth generation of wireless network technology, with a peak wireless transmission rate of 9.6Gbps. Such routers will bring faster speed to the Internet.

Wi-Fi network: the internet without any wires

When you subscribe to a broadband service. The company sends you a modem that installs and will receive the signal from the provider. In order for the WIFI 6 router to share with the various devices and devices, the router exists. It will distribute the internet without any wires. Thus, you will be able to connect your TV, tablets, smartphones, laptops, etc. to your Wi-Fi network.

The routers have powerful antennas

To work, the routers have powerful antennas that receive and send data between the modem and the devices. The speed at which this transmission will occur depends on the speed of the internet contracted. The model of the router and the device that will receive the signal.

The router must be properly configured with your internet

The most modern WIFI 6 router work connected to the broadband cable and have more than 4 cable outlets for computers, in addition to antennas that transmit the signal for wireless connectivity.

Routers are good to improve the performance and distribution of connections in broadband networks in large places. They allow the connection of different devices at the same time.

What are the types of WIFI 6 routers?

Basically, there are two types of routers: static and dynamic. The static ones are the most common, they have fixed data exchange routes and, in general, they prioritize only the devices that are closer.

Dynamic routers are more expensive and refined models. They perform algorithmic analysis to make prior assessments of network conditions, prioritizing the routes that are most effective, without necessarily being the shortest.

What is the difference between modem and router?

Modem and WIFI 6 router are very confusing terms. Now that you know what the router is for, you must have noticed that the devices are different, right?

The modem is the device that takes the contracted internet to your home or business. This is where the physical connection to the network that comes from the external wiring is made. It is also the one that will distribute the internet to an external device. Usually, internet operators already provide the modem when contracting the service. But you can also buy it separately.

The device: distributing the internet to one or more devices

The router, as we have seen, is the device responsible for distributing the internet to one or more devices, usually via a WIFI 6 router network. Although it is also possible to connect the devices via a network cable.

There are already some options for a modem with a router. This is a device that receives the internet signal and manages all the devices connected to it, distributing the signal to everyone through Wi-Fi antennas. In general, these are basic devices that usually have a smaller range.

What does a router need to be good?

Understanding what the router is for is important when buying the right product, but you should also consider other things. For example:

Power: the higher it is, the more powerful the WIFI 6 router. It is measured in dbi;

Range distance: the greater the power, the greater the range

Range capability ensures that the Wi-Fi signal reaches every point in your home. In general, the greater the power, the greater the range, but there are some factors that can influence it, such as the presence of walls, furniture and other physical barriers that can reduce efficiency, the positioning of the router (it is recommended to install it in a high, central location in the house) and the antenna.

Transmission speed: this depends on the data package

The WIFI 6 router does not directly influence the increase in internet speed. This depends on the data package of the provider you hired. The speed at which data is transmitted between the router and devices connected to the network is defined by connection standards. The most common being: BGN (speed between 11 Mbps and 600 Mbps) and AC (speed up to 1200 Mbps).

The faster the router is purchased, the faster it will load pages, download and send files, stream, etc. The recommended are routers with transmission speeds above 300 Mbps;

The newer models offer networks in 2.4GHz and 5GHz

The first has greater penetration in distant rooms but suffers from interference from other equipment. WIFI 6 router operates in the same band and the second is cleaner. But has difficulties reaching more distant places. When the router is dual-band or tri-band, it is possible to create multiple independent wireless networks at the same time.

What is the difference between router and repeater?

The router is the device that forwards and organizes data packets between networks and the repeater. It takes the signal that already exists (emitted by the router) and repeats it. Thus, the repeater uses the data from the network it is repeating and forwards it to the connected devices, which expands the coverage area.


Your home or business has many obstacles and physical barriers (too many walls, furniture or too many electronic devices). The WIFI 6 router is a good solution, helping to improve the quality of the Wi-Fi signal. However, be careful, because the more repeaters you install, the lower the speed can be.

Provide a stable network for the home office, allowing you to enjoy 5G speed.

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