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POE Switch 8 Port: 10 Things You Need to Know

2022.02.26 / By hqt

You may have already come across switches of different configurations. Among these searches, you must have also seen the acronym POE switch 8 port. But, do you know what it’s for?

What is POE?

PoE is the acronym for Power Over Ethernet, in other words, with the network cable. It is possible to supply a device with power and transmit data through the same switch port. This type of equipment is extremely useful for CCTV professionals. Since it is capable of connecting IP cameras, VoIP phone, Access Point (APs), etc.

It’s worth mentioning that devices with a POE switch 8-port can provide up to 15.4W of energy per port. Therefore, when evaluating your customer’s project, it is important to understand that the device connected to it does not need to exceed the capabilities provided by the switch.

What is PoE+ switch?

PoE+ follows the same functionality as PoE that we talked about above. However, it can provide even more power per port, while PoE only provides 15.4W per port, PoE+ reaches up to 30W per port. Almost double, which makes it possible to have more robust equipment for the projects that you will have ahead of you.

Many people when buying switches end up having usage problems for not reading the dotted lines… A simple acronym “POE” can make all the difference when buying a switch and you will now understand why.

What is POE switch 8 port technologies?

All appliances or expansion cards that send or receive information from the computer need electrical power to work, right? Therefore, when installing an access point, for example, you need a network connection and also a power supply.

This often becomes a huge headache, as not always the most viable place to place this Access Point has easy access to electrical power. Hence comes the wonderful Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology, which is a solution to this problem.

When using idle wires (wires that do not transmit data) of the network cable itself to also provide the electrical supply to the devices. Thanks to POE switch 8 port technology. It is not necessary to make a new electrical installation whenever you need to expand the network.

What is a PoE Switch?

A Switch is a device that receives data and forwards it to other devices that are connected to it. In this case, a PoE Switch also performs this second function; it automatically detects devices with PoE technology and performs the power supply through the network cable itself.

What are the advantages of having a POE switch 8 port?

  • Decreased spending on infrastructure.
  • It facilitates the installation of devices that send or receive information from the computer.
  • POE switch supports connections both from devices with PoE technology and without this technology without further configuration, all automatically.
  • It centralizes the power supply, eliminating the need to install electrical sources for each device that requires an electrical current.

Without PoE, you will need to choose between running a power cord to the area you are going to deploy a network device or deploying network devices based on where existing power outlets are available. POE switch 8 ports are flexible and secure, making it a powerful ally for your business.

PoE Switch: Know how to correctly choose a switch with this function

The high demand for mobile devices and cloud applications has raised the need for full bandwidth. New, faster wireless formats and standards provide fast, high-speed access, enabling users and IoT devices to efficiently transmit and receive data. But it is necessary to think: does your current wireless structure support the entire load you need?

If the answer is no, you may need to plan an upgrade to your wired network. Countless devices such as VoIP phones, WLAN access points and IP video cameras that are connected to the access switches can be connected via a single cable with PoE technology.

To do this, you need to determine which switches meet exactly what you need. Here, we give you some essential information for the moment of choice.

What is POE switch 8 port technologies?

PoE is a technology that stands for Power over Ethernet. It means that with the network cable you will be able to supply a device with energy and transmit data through the same switch port. This technology emerged in 2003 with the name of IEEE 802.3af-2003. It was published in the document Data Terminal Equipment (DTE), Power via Media Dependent Interface (MDI).

POE Switch 8 Port

Most common uses of POE switch

The PoE switch is responsible for supplying electrical energy to power the equipment connected to it, whether IP phones, cameras, IP, sensors, etc. Its most common uses of POE switch 8 port in everyday life are VoIP solutions to prevent IP phones from needing power from an external source.

PoE (standard) provides energy up to 15.4W per port

We must remember that equipment with PoE (standard) provides energy up to 15.4W per port. It is worth checking if the equipment that will be connected to PoE requires more than the Switch is capable of providing.

The idea of ​​this POE switch 8 port is to allow that, through the same network cable used for data transmission. It is also possible to feed/energize another device, so scale your need well.

Over the years, PoE has been developed and currently, there are several standards with different capacities to power PD devices. The biggest advantage of using solutions according to industry standards is that the PoE technology is active.

That is, an automatic negotiation process takes place between the parties before the PSE energizes the PD with the required amount of energy.

PoE+ provide energy up to 30W per port

. The remote power supply through this protocol was also standardized. Such a technique of power supply through Ethernet communication links by twisted pair cables became known as POE switch 8 port.

The later version is called PoE+ (PoE Plus) and appeared in 2009, with the IEEE 802.3at standard. It is able to provide even more power per port, reaching up to 30W per port. Almost double the PoE, allowing you to have more robust equipment.

Advantages of POE Switches

 Now let’s talk about the advantages of having the electrical supply to the final device remotely through a communication cable:        

  • Avoid the use of an electrical outlet next to each device and cable distribution and its protection;
  • Avoid installing individual power sources for each POE switch 8 port, which contributes to lower efficiency and more points of failure compared to having a centralized source;
  • Possibility to connect all devices with backup power centrally;
  • Safety in power distribution – direct current, at voltages usually lower than 50V, is safer.

Common Features of PoE and PoE+

Both PoE standards have some basic characteristics in common. Are they:

  1. Two pairs of the cable for direct current supply;
  2. The binding must have 100m or less of twisted pair cable, with components and topology compatible with structured cabling standards (such as ISO/IEC 11801, ABNT/NBR 14565 and ANSI/TIA-568);
  3. The equipment that energizes the cable is called Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE);
  4. Powered equipment (phone, camera, Wi-Fi access point, etc.) is called a Powered Device (PD).

In addition to POE switch 8 port technology offers greater practicality. It also results in lower installation costs as it uses existing cabling, eliminating much of the infrastructure complexity.

Provide a stable network for the home office, allowing you to enjoy 5G speed.

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