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Something You Must Know About WIFI 6 Access Point

2022.02.26 / By hqt

What is Access Point? See what the Wi-Fi hotspot is for

Understand how access points work and learn why these WIFI 6 Access Point are common in companies. An access point is a network device that allows you to take the Internet signal to areas where the original coverage is provided by a router limit. More advanced than Wi-Fi repeaters, the devices use a cable connection to core network devices.

The devices take the wireless signal to the other end with more speed, control and security features important for companies. Access points tend to be more expensive than repeaters.

What is a WIFI 6 access point?

The access point is a network device common to extend the coverage of Internet networks. The device works connected via cable to a router or a switch and distributes.

Basically, the access point can understand as a type of Wi-Fi repeater that uses cables and cannot be common as a replacement for a router. Compared to other devices that increase Internet coverage, access points have some advantages associated mainly with speed and network management.

As will become clearer throughout the text. The WIFI 6 access point is more intended for use in companies that demand more performance and greater tolerance to a large number of devices connected at the same time. It is worth remembering that conventional Wi-Fi repeaters may owe these two characteristics.

What is a Modem?

A modem is a device that connects to the Internet. The connection signal comes via cable, fibre optic or telephone line to the place where you live and connect to the modem. Modems transform the digital information coming out of your computer into an analog signal. Which can be sent over the cable or telephone line connection to the rest of the Internet and also the reverse. These processes call Modulation and Demodulation.

A modem: a separate device

In the Portuguese case, most ISPs provide their customers with WIFI 6 access points that already include the modems. But there may be applications where the modem is a separate device.

A router is common to connect several computers to the modem. However, most people have more than one device to access the Internet and modems only have a single internal connection. Therefore, it cannot send data to multiple devices at the same time.

Router Sailsky: connects all devices to each other

That’s why you need a device that connects all devices to each other and to the Internet via network cables or WIFI 6 access point. To achieve flawless communication, routers also take care of managing the IP addresses of all devices on the network – an IP address acts as an identifier so that the router knows that certain information reaches the right device.

It works like this: the modem receives the information from the Internet and sends it to the router, which, in turn, sends it to the device that requested it.

Ethernet ports from a WIFI 6 access point

A network created in this way is called a ‘Local Area Network’ (LAN). The large network we know as the ‘Internet’ can also call the Wide Area Network (WAN).

There are routers that don’t include features that allow you to create a wireless network or wi-fi, and this is where the next device we’re going to talk about comes in.

WiFi hotspots: a wireless network

In the past, all computers could only connect to the Internet via cables. Nowadays, we can connect all kinds of devices on the home network through a wireless network, or WIFI 6 access point. In order to do this, a device that can emit a radio signal need to carry the information.

A Google Wi-Fi kit with three access points

Wi-Fi access points connect to the router, usually with a cable, and communicate with connected devices via radio waves. Most modern routers include access points to create wireless networks, but it is also possible to buy Wi-Fi access points separately, such as Google Wi-Fi, which allows you to increase the area covered by the Wi-Fi network much further. range of a router’s network by adding more access points.

WIFI 6 access point allows the creation of “mesh” networks

This type of wireless network allows the use of several wireless access points, which communicate with each other to increase and optimize signal reception, in addition to offering more advanced security and network management features.

All routers have Ethernet (wired network) ports

All routers have Ethernet (wired network) ports, depending on the router’s class and size. These ports may not be enough to connect all your devices, especially those that earn more for being connected this way, such as games and gaming computers.

Unlike WIFI 6 Access Point, switches do not have the ability to assign IP addresses to devices, they only serve to direct information traffic to and from the various devices on the network.

A Sailsky switch: use a switch to add more

If the router’s Ethernet ports are not enough, you can use a switch to add more. Just plug the devices into the switch and then plug the switch into the router. There are several types of switches, with different numbers of connections and with or without management. The latter allows, for example, to prioritize the bandwidth available for communication on specific devices and create rules.

In-home networks, WIFI 6 Access Point are usually common because they are cheaper and less complicated to operate.

Hubs are similar to switches: much more limited

There is another type of device that is very similar to switches: hubs. A hub can consider a less intelligent version of a switch. Because, unlike switches, which can identify where they are sending information, hubs receive the information and copy it to all devices that are connected to it. These devices are already very little common in the context of home networks.

Modern routers already include the modem

As mentioned before in this text, the modern WIFI 6 Access Point already includes the modem, router and access point in a single device. As is the case with routers that communications operators provide to their customers. However, as a rule, these devices are always less powerful and with fewer features than those bought in specialty stores.

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