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How to fix 4g portable router coverage issues easily?

2021.11.04 / By hqt

Events are a way of transmitting knowledge to a large number of people. Given this scenario, the use of 4g portable router for conferences is a great strategy to bring more value to this event.

The fact is that the more resources are common, the greater the chances of standing out and pleasing the public, regardless of the reason and size of this type of meeting — medical, legal, engineering, etc. event.

After all, a Wi-Fi router is no longer a luxury and a detail to become a real necessity at events. It is a tool that brings several benefits to professional speakers and to the public in general. If you are organizing an event and want to provide a great experience for participants, this article was made for you. Let’s explain the importance of investing in a good 4g portable router for meetings.

What are the benefits of using 4g portable router for conferences?

An event with a very efficient and equipped Wi-Fi router network is a differential and helps to attract more participants. Discover the advantages of this investment:

4g portable router Attracts participants

The public is more interested and more comfortable in corporate locations that offer Wi-Fi routers. After all, it is possible to publicize and share the event with friends, browse websites that discuss the subject of the event during breaks and stay online.

Provides more opportunities for content exposure

Exhibitors are able to make demonstrations with devices connected to the internet and access online websites, for example. It is a feature that allows the conduction of interactive and more dynamic lectures.

Brings the possibility of online accreditation

4g portable router provides more flexibility in communication, security and organization — especially in medium and large events, which require good logistics and proper management of participants.

How to choose the ideal company to provide this 4g portable router?

As important as choosing a Wi-Fi router network is choosing the best company that will provide these services.

1. Analyze internet radio usage

Internet via radio is ideal for events, as it has a more affordable price and a good performance. It works by distributing signals, thanks to the receiving antenna that is located on top of a tower at a nearby location. In addition, it has no wires and requires no cables, modem or provider.

2. See the number of routers used

4g portable router facilitates network configuration and organizes the way data will travel, in addition to connecting the local network to the internet network. They can be cabled or wireless. So check if the company offers good routers for the event. The more routers cause the better the connection.

3. Search for 4g portable router success stories

Nothing is more efficient than knowing the feedback from the company’s customers. They are the best way to know if the level of services offered and if the type of service provided is of quality. So, look for reviews from those who have already hired this mission. You can search in forums, groups on social networks and websites such as Complain Here.

As you can see, investing in a good 4g portable router network for meetings is a great way to please the public, provide more resources to the speaker or exhibitor and give more quality to the event. So choose a competent supplier company, and good luck at your event!

Importance of 4g portable router for organizer

Organizing events is a task that requires attention. After all, there are many details that need to be observed – the list of invited speakers, the creation of credentials for participants, the definition of the content to be presented, the stipulation of dates and times, etc.

In this context, it is also important to mention the importance of investing in a good Wi-Fi router network for big events. It is a feature that has been gaining more and more importance within our society. That’s because most people live connected.

All these elements contribute to adding value and are essential to make the moment interesting. With that in mind, let’s cover some tips you need to look out for so you don’t have 4g portable router issues for big events. Follow up!

What are the problems that an ineffective 4g portable router network can bring?

Poor quality Wi-Fi router network can slow down the event, discourage speakers and not attract as much public interest. Check out the main obstacles contributing to this critical situation.

Slow connection of 4g portable router

A slow connection kills anyone’s patience, doesn’t it? This problem can be due to several factors, such as:

  • Many simultaneous accesses to the network
  • The router in an inappropriate position
  • Bad and poor quality modem
  • Sending data lower than what was contracted

Ineffective coverage of 4g portable router

Broadband internet operators may not provide 100% efficient coverage depending on the location of the event, especially in covered locations or outlying cities.

Signal drop

The constant interruption of the 4g portable router signal during the event is another irritating problem that ends up causing a decrease in the quality of the presentation of activities.

What to evaluate when choosing a 4g portable router for big events?

Check out the main points that the event manager and organizer need to pay attention to avoid router problems.

Total package speed

It is important that the internet speed is able to handle a large number of user accesses simultaneously. The ideal is to have at least 10 MB for every 100 people attending the event.

So the chances of problems with slow connection are very small. Furthermore, it is recommended that the 4g portable router connection be prepared to serve an average of 2.5 mobile devices per user.

Network configuration of 4g portable router

The configuration of different networks and bandwidth control for different uses are essential to keep the event organized and avoid access limitations.

In addition, it is a good idea to control the traffic limit of each user to prevent them from excessively occupying the available bandwidth.

Number of signal routers and repeaters

The router has the function of intermediating data that is, sending and receiving data transmission. In addition, it looks for the best routes to be able to send and receive them in the most efficient and agile way possible. Thus, he ends up giving priority to the closest devices and less congested networks.

Strategic Router Location

Placing the 4g portable router in a strategic position optimizes the connection. After all, the location of this device is essential to establish the distance and strength that will be reached by the radio wave in the environment.

In this sense, the ideal is to install the equipment in a central location, high and away from other electronics and obstacles, such as walls and windows.

Hiring an experienced company with good references in the market to provide Wi-Fi router services for large events is the best way to avoid unforeseen events and reduce the burden that falls on the person responsible for organizing the event.

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