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POE Network Switch for CCTV Camera

Sailsky SY-4EP-E 48V 4 Port POE Network Switch for CCTV Camera

Model: SY-4EP-E Commercial POE Switch PoE Switch

Key Features:

  • Both sides of the machine have cooling holes to ensure the stability of the power supply for a long time run.
  • 65W single port can support 30W output meets the needs of high-power equipment support AF/AT.
  • Hardware DIP switch for“ Default”and“ CCTV’mode selection; the CCTV mode features 30-watt POE transmit distance of 250m at speed of 10mbps.
  • 5 10/100M ports support auto flip, no configuration is required to plug and play operation is simple and fast.
  • Auto detects powered device( PD). Circuit protection prevents power interference between ports.
  • The 100M port supports Al intelligent POE mode and normal POE mode, and the maximum delay is less than 20 milliseconds.

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Technical parameters Standard IEEE 802.3af/at use for power-over-ethernet
IEEE 802.3 use for 10BaseT
IEEE 802.3u use for 100BaseT(X)
IEEE 802.3ab use for 1000BaseT(X)
IEEE 802.3x flow control
Interface RJ45 POE Port 4 Port 100/1000BaseT(x) Support PoE transmission and data communication
RJ45 Uplink 1 Port 100/1000BaseT(x) Support data communication
SFP Uplink 1 Port 1000M BaseT(x) support optical data communication
PoE power supply pins Default mode V+, V+, V-, V- Corresponding to the foot1236 (Endspan) AF/AT
Other way V+, V+, V-, V- Corresponding to the foot4578 (Midspan) AF/AT
POE feature Compatible PD cable sequence 4578 support Standard or non-Standard PD, cable sequence 1236 support Standard PD(optional)
Active protection mechanism short circuit, broken circuit, overvoltage, overcurrent, undervoltage, surge
Power protection mechanism 4 POE ports start the power supply in order, avoid instant start up with over voltage, ensure power adapter normally running
Steady power supply mode 1-4 POE port in average power supply current, ensure product stability
Indicator light LED
  • P: System power
  • E: Extend
  • V: VLAN
  • Link: Link
  • POE: Power supply
Button switch Default Priori CCTV video CCTV: Optimize video transmission
VLAN OF: 1-4 interface intercommunication/ ON: 1-4 interface non intercommunication
Network characteristics Network characteristics RJ45Max150M(Unshielded twisted pair) SFP Max 100KM(offer different optical fiber module
Bandwidth 20G (Non-blocking high-speed data exchange)
Network delay Maximum less than 20 milliseconds (100 to 100Mbps)
Packet forwarding rate 14.4M
Address database 4K
Forwarding mode Store and forward
Forwarding rate 10BASE-T: 14880pps/port
MAC address Automatic learning
flow control Full-duplex IEEE802.3x Flow Control; BackpressureHalf-duplex back pressure flow control
Bit error rate <1/1000000000
Power supply Input voltage AC220V build-in power
Input power DC48V 72W @IEEE802.3AF/@IEEE802.3AT
Port output power 15.4W @IEEE802.3AF/30W @IEEE802.3AT
Power distance Max 150M (unshielded twisted pair)
Mechanical properties Housing Iron shell, IP30 protection class
Dimension 200(L)*155(W)*40(H)
Package size 225(L)*223(W)*80(H)
Weight 960g including packaging
Installation method Desktop installation/ Wall mounting(optional)
Working environment Operating temperature -20~+55°C (-40 ~ +131F)
Storage temperature  -40~+75°C (-68 ~ +199F)
 Relative humidity  5%~95%(No condensation)
 Trouble-free period  MTBF  An average of 100000 hours of trouble-free time to work


Sailsky SY-4EP-E 48V 4 Port POE Network Switch for CCTV Camera

If you are looking for premium quality POE Network Switch for CCTV Camera then you are at the right place. Sailskywifi has brought for you Sailsky SY-4EP-E 48V 4 Port POE Network Switch for CCTV Camera which is latest innovative energy efficient technology. It consumes extremely lower amount of energy and also save huge amount of cost.

This never fails to provide you a reliable data transmission. It has been designed in such a way that it does not make any noise in the surrounding.  Just because of fanless design it is noisless. When it comes to installation then it does not require any rocket science simply plug and play. You don’t have to go for an extra miles for fixation because there is not a need of any software installation.

Yes, it has been proven to transmit high quality video and audio data along 4 ports. It is extremely durable and comes up with longer lifespan because it has been manufactured by using sturdy metal which is of premium quality. Additionally it can easily operate itself at high temperature from 0 to 40 40 degree Celsius is a reliable temperature for this device.

Why to buy? 

This is so far one of the best device ever for increasing the performance and for expanding gigabits network. Its 4 reliable ports work efficiently. It is far better than other devices in the market because of efficient and quick speed. Yes, now you can transmit large bandwidth intensive files without any interference.

It don’t get heat up after continues use because it contains cooling holes. So what else do you want more? Start supplying data as well as power to almost four devices. Because of this device it has been easier to consolidate power and data for an IP camera in to one network cable for each camera.

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